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    Recently my city (Houston) put in several low-drain/low-fill earthen reservoirs. These are attached to a local bayou. As the bayou level goes up so does the reservoir level. These reservoirs are very deep. 40' some are, I would say.

    In my area, these are PRIME targets for netting shad by the hundreds. Most are in the range of two to three inches. I catch several that are are 6 inches plus. Vegetation grows quite well at the low water line so they are always near the shores.

    Just a thought for those who have seen them and never cast into them. Great place to get the shad for the shad mash/shad paste.

    I'll rinse the slime from them and let them drip dry in a mesh bag. After they dry a while I'll mash them up with a paint mixer designed for my drill. MMM MMMM yummy.