Sixteen North American Angler Videos

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    Okay the following is a list of VHS videos that I have. I got these along with a ton of books last year. I thought about converting them to DVD as we don't have a VHS player anymore, but decided against it. I have never had them in a player, but they are used. They all have a hard palstic collector cover or regular cardboard colelctor cover with the exception of Resivours, Ponds & Pits.

    How's $40 (that's $2.50 each) + shipping.

    I think shipping will be costly, so I'll say add $15 to ship. I'll cover whatever it is/if's it over that.

    Total would be $55, I'll knock $10 off if a Star Member buys them, or if someone who isn't a Star Member becomes a star member.

    Volume 1
    River Walleye, Big Bass Plastics, Pike & Heavy Tackle, Summer Bass, New Products, Wildernedd Trip Part I, Heavy Cover Largemouth

    Volume 2
    KY Bass, Heavy Structure, Manitoba Big Pike, Weedless Jogs Heads, Wilderness Trip Part II, Ontario Walleye, Spinnign Reels

    Volume 3
    Mexican Bass, Softplactics, Joe Thomas on Lures, Pike, Slip Floats for Pan Fish, Fishing Current, Line for Largemouths, Grilling Recipes

    Volume 4
    Sailfish, Crankbaits for Bass, Hooks, Lac Suel Walleye, Rigs for Plastics

    Volume 5
    Brookies, Walleye, Fileting Fish, Crappies, Florida Keys, River Cats, Ultra Light Tackle, Halibut, River Shad

    Volume 6
    Lake Trout, Leader Tips, Fishing w/ Kids, Knots, Urban Lakes, Sailfish, Striped Bass, Sturgeon

    Volume 7
    Same as volume #3 (I guess this was a double and/or the original owner lost the true volume #3.)

    Volume 8
    Texas Bass, Upper Mississippi Walleye, Picking the Best Line, Lead Core Line, Missouri Trout, Topwater Bass, Lake Superior Pike, Mantoba Walleye & Pike, Salmon

    Resivours, Ponds & Pits

    Trout Techinques

    Fish Cooking Made Easy

    All About Bass

    Small Mouth Strategies

    Catch Fish Anywhere/Anytime

    Advanced Bass Techinques (by Jack "Flathunter" Eblin)

    Walleye Tips and Tricks
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