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Discussion in 'Bass Fishing' started by 3dukmn, Jun 21, 2007.

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    Missouri is the situation.

    It has been on the low 90's here all last week.
    Didn't rain hardly at all.
    Water is clear but always has a slight green tint to it.
    Lake averages 7-12 feet deep with deepest spot by a dam being about 20'.
    The lake has all the different types of cover you can almost imagine. A lot of the shore is rip rap, but other areas aren't. There are weedy areas, deep rock areas, deep cover and shallow. Basically, most anything you could think of...almost. My buddy tosses rubber worms at the boat docks. I liked using deep running crank baits to get deep on main lake points. We don't do very well when fishing, but some people do, so ...

    Here's my question : what would most likely be the key to successfully fishing given the parameters I listed above.
  2. Mickey

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    A lot of fish (Bass) have moved in and spawned. Continue to fish the rocky areas. Some have moved out and staging toward the summer. Ve:lol::big_smile:ry the depth you are fishing. You are now probaly fishing under the fish. Try shallow running crankbaits. Manns Minus 1. for example. Use buzzbaits in morning and late evening. Throw a few worms in texas style. Don't give up just keep fishing.

  3. mangus

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    try hitting the rocks, docks, and other cover with a culprit 8in. greeenpumpkin lizard. dip the tail in some garlic flavored chartruese colored spike it. i use these texas rigged with a 3/8 oz. bullet wt. take in consideration that the temp. is rising and fish are moving off to deeper water. with the heat they are gettting very finicky, very lazy very much like us humans so try fishing smalller baits and fish them much slower. im hitting these fish off of points and drop offs with 4in. plastics using balck and green pumkin. fries and centipedes work well also made by culprit. hope this helps. let me know.
  4. Mark J

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    Four Oaks, NC
    Bass dont have eyelids.
    Early morning or late evening is the best times.
    On up in the heat of the day I'd be working bottom 8-15 feet deep on structure with a 10 inch Culprit worm rigged Carolina or Texas.
    Slow methodical fishing.
    Not one cast to a spot but a dozen or more to the same exact spot. I've thrown back a whole lot of bass 7 pounds and over through the years. Enough to wallpaper my entire house with mounts. Most of them were caught with this method.
    Its slow fishing but its productive.

    You never said if you just want to catch bass or catch the big bass.
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    central kansas
    well if theres any cliffs that drop off into the water fish them with a curly tail jig...99 percent of the time i always catch fish around em