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Discussion in 'Boating Stories' started by Top CAT, May 17, 2006.

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    Last year there was a group of us going to the islands on the ohio river we two boats my brother and I was in one and a cousion and his son was in the other well my brother had just cleaned both boats the day before and forgot to put the plug back in. When they took off across the river they turned around and shot straight back yelling and screaming either one knows how to swim so it was a scary situation until they got saftly back to the bank. Now we sit around and laugh about it.

    so the next time you go fishing with someone check the plug:big_smile:
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    The Plug is the first thing that I check. I backed my boat into the water without the plug but thought about it before it was to late.

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    I remember an epposide with my dad many years ago. He had just purchased a (new to him) Ranger bass boat. We had had it out several times but for some reason on this trip he put the plug in, however he put it one of the livewell holes. Could not figure out why the boat would not get any speed once we got going. Once we finally reached our fishing spot it wassn't long and we noticed water coming in. Well to make a long story short, I went for a swim and relocated the plug to the correct location. The bilge ran non stop for the next 4 hours. From that time on I not only make the plug the first thing I do but also double check before I climb into the boat to launch.
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    Haughton Louisiana
    The guys I fish with and even my ten year old son ask the plug question along with life jackets, phone, and if the trailer lights are unplugged before launch.