Sinkers You Can Make At Home

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    Original post made by William Sipes(Riverrat) on January 7, 2003

    Homemade Sinkers

    Far right in pic

    Cut the vinyl tubing to length desired. Using a hex head screw driver, insert 1/4 inch steel shot in 1/4 Inner Diameter tubing, and use the screw driver to push it inside. Leave a gap at the bottom to fill with hot glue to seal, same with at the top. Drill a hole at the top of the tubing, and cut a small nail that will go through the tubing and be flush on the other outer side. Fill gap with hot glue, insert nail part-way, then insert swivel so the nail goes through the opening. Finish pushing the nail all the way through til it acts as an anchor for the swivel. Allow glue to dry. For drifting, bend a hook in the end of a piece of wire and insert it in the bottom of the weight before the glue dries.

    Middle pic

    3/8ths shrinkable tubes, insert a wire and desired number of 3/8 inch steel shot made for slingshots. Bend a hook on the top end and insert swivel, bend closed. Heat with a heat gun and tubes will shrink to 3/16ths in size, form fitting to shot. I think this original idea came from Nelacatman and tried it.

    Far left pic

    For smaller baitfish. BB's inserted in aquarium tubing and finished as in other vinyl tubing.