sinkers - whats each sinker style made for?

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    I was wondering what is every sinker made for??
    I use parymid sinkers, mostly bank sinkers, but i often use egg sinkers.
    Is there a reason for each sinker??
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    The different type of sinkers are made for different types of situations.

    For Example, no roll sinkers are made for rivers, to help avoid hanging up.

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    The egg sinkers if I am not mistaken is to allow you to control the level you want your bait by letting more line or less line through the sinker. Have also seen them used for drift fishing in heavy current from the bank. The flat no role sinker will keep your bait in one spot better. Bank sinkers hold well in most conditions but what I
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    1. Pyramid sinkers were design primarily to hold in place in sand.
    2. No-roll sinkers are self-explanatory. Lay (usually flat) on the bottom without rolling downstream in the current.
    3. Bank sinkers are designed to both cast further and sink faster that a flatter type; bell sinkers are similar, but usually have a swivel molded in at the top (small) end.
    4. There are several types of sinkers with a hole through the center that is designed to let a fish pull line without having to also pull the sinker.
    5. 'Sputnik', or 'sacrificial' type sinkers are designed to hang up on the bottom, usually in extremely swift current, then be broken off when a fish hits.
    5. No-snag sinkers are also self-explanatory. They are usually long and slim, because that shape is less likely to hang up on rocks or snags. Other types include bags of weights and large split shots crimped onto a section of hanging line with no knots or anything tied below the sinkers, so that if the sinkers hang up, a hard pull will cause them to simply slide off the line. (Now that I think about it, I guess you could also call this a sacrificial type.)