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Discussion in 'Sinker Making Institute' started by playin4funami, Sep 14, 2009.

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    Anybody ever use the bottom bouncer mold to make a wired up drift sinkers? how did it work? I almost bought one the other day(mold that is) but decided to wait. I have a mold fetish or something as I can't seem to stop aquiring molds lately. I can now make every size bank sinker from 1/16 oz. up to a 16oz. monster sinker,and egg sinkers from 1/4 oz. to 3oz.,no-rolls in 3,4,and 5 oz. and have about 6 jig making molds and a decoy weight mold,even ended up with some doubles on some of the molds,mostly found at flea markets,garage sales,etc. on bought a couple new. Now if others would back off my lead supply :wink: I would have it made.
    Anyway does anyone else here make and sell to or through bait shops etc.,I was thinking of doing a sideline biz,by seeing if I could convince a couple baitshops to sell my weights. I thought about fiquring in the production costs and splitting any profits with the bait/tackle shop,how is this usually done? I get freaked out by what the name brand companys want to sell their weights for and think I could sell for less than half price of what some of these companys are asking. And my weight do look professional and are nice and clean,etc. Any Ideas???
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    Don, if you enjoy making sinkers and have the time and equipment, geez, take em to bait/tackle places and get em sold. May even pay in a good side business. Just make sure that you enjoy doing it.

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    Don before you make the business move make sure that you have a good supply of lead to meet the supply and demand. You may be required to get a tax number and etc. Also receipt books. Good luck on your decision.
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    i wouldn't under cut the main line guys by to much, the guys i know that sell them to the bait shops sell them just under the asking price and the bait shop sells them at almost full price. the reason the other sinkers cost so much is shipping. if people will buy them at full price they will buy yours at almost full price.
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    Been there done that already. Like has been said undercut just a little or you will be the one the bait shop is laughing at.:wink: Maybe you can work out a deal were ya trade sinkers for tackle and come out better off in the long run. Just an Idea.
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    Or sell them by the pound....

    My wife had a garage sale once and I had made up 50 lbs of weights, enought to last me about 2 years worth of fishing, and I was heading out to go fishing, and this older feller asked me if I had any weights to sell. I asked him what size he wanted, he said 3 oz banks (I used these 90 percent of the time and had a bunch), so he asked me how much I wanted for them.

    I paid 19 cents a lb for the lead at the time, I sold him a lb for $1.25 and he was happy, because the only other place sold it 1.75. Well when my wife found out about me selling them she said why dont you bring some out:confused2:, so I did and in 2 hours I had sold 20 lbs....over 3 days I sold about 60 lbs worth of lead at 1.25-1.75, depending on the size...

    I also sold some 1/32 oz jig heads, I sold them for 1.50 for 10 (I had painted the heads flourecent green, they went like hot cakes), I had less than 3 cents investment...