Sinker Dilemma?

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  1. kdm75

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    north carolina
    Ok heres the deal I want a new sinker mold i went to do it molds and looking at 2 sinker molds one is the

    walking sinker

    and the other is the no snag sinker

    AND this one is what is really throwing a wrench in to it

    The bank sinker kit. now this has all the equipment that I need and just as cheap as just a mold. As my present set up is a $5.00 electric portable burner, cut up coffee can, and 2 ladles that i made by hand (i need to take pics of this as of one im really proud of lol), fan, and a do it egg sinker mold. I could really use the cast iron pot and a real ladle but the mold is an bonus in this kit for me. But for the fishing I do, I think will be something that will hang up like the egg sinkers do. I have never fished with no snage are the walking sinker befor and only fished with a bank sinker at the ocean never on a lake.

    I can get the kit for 40 bucks plus s/h from do it
    the walking sinker I can get at bass pro shop for $ 33 bucks
    and a do it no snag for $ 35 bucks.

    So what would you recommend?
    And what is the pros and cons of these wieghts?

  2. AwShucks

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    Guthrie, Oklaho
    Kevin, I would assume your a youngster just getting started in this aspect of fishing (Youngster is someone around 18 or so - LOL). My personal opinion is that the bank sinker kit would financially be the best way for you to go. You have all you need to pour sinkers, and as long as your not fishing a river with an extremely strong current, bank sinkers should work for you. These sinkers are at the lower end of the spectrum for catfishing, as most of us probably chunk between two to eight ounces. But, as I said, you need to start somewhere. Before attempting to pour your first sinker, make sure you under stand all the safety don't usually get "overs" in this area. Take care of this starter set, oil the hinges like you should, keep the mold covered with soot, and you will probably still use the mold up into your 50's or 60's. If you don't take care of it, you will probably get two years of use from it. The choice is yours.

  3. Netmanjack

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    Kevin, there is no magic sinker. All types of sinkers get snagged. I have used every common style. They all have one thing in common besides being heavy, they are all snag free until caught up, on,in or behind something. lol
    Pick your style of sinker for the kind of conditions you will be fishing. Not because you think that it is snag free. We all loose many sinkers over the season, it's part of the game.
    If you are not loosing sinkers then you are not fishing! lol :big_smile:
  4. kdm75

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    north carolina
    Well thank ya'll for the advise

    I am going with the bank sinker kit it is a better deal. I will get then other molds at a later time. I really just was wanting somthing different to try out, and have somthing to do in my free time at work lol.
  5. rcneman

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    You can always get the one you want the most and add other molds at a later date.
    I remember catching my first fish on a jig head that i poured...was a great feeling.

    I started with a bank sinker mold, then added a jighead mold and later i picked up a flat sinker mold. Still have a couple more i want to pick up eventually.
    It's quite rewarding to make your own stuff. You can stock up on certain pieces and then when you get low you just make some more.

    fun hobby

  6. canebreaker

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    the best way to make sinkers is to figure out what kind you need.then find someone that lives in good driving range,round up abput 50 lbs. lead, and make araingmentsto get together and make them on the halves.your only out gas money and if you decide you dont like them you dont have a mold to put up.most anyone will be glade to help you get started. johnnie
  8. ravenloft420

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    they have a flat sinker kit at bass pro that has a few diferent sizes in one. I am new to making sinkers but I think that is the way Im gonna go
  9. Catsss

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    I use to use old table spoons of various sizes for sinker molds. Drill a hole in the sinker and your good to go.