Singin the Blues or Attack of the Asians

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    I'll let you all decide how this night should be remembered....

    My girls came home from their summer with the mother last weekend and have been wanting to fish since the plane landed. I've never taken any of my kids out on the Mississippi so was reluctant to do so, but they wanted a big fish. After much discussion we decided that we would try Alton Marina for the day. Me Deb and my oldest Daughter Melissa put in and took off on unknown waters in search of a big Blue. Bait seemed to be impossible to find and the amount of large boats flying around up above the dam was frustrating. We finally ended up with 2 Asians, a small Buffalo, a common Carp, and small small Shad. set up on our first hole, it wasn't dark yet so the boats were still flying around and the water was real choppy due to the wind blowing straight up the river. Sat there for awhile and decided that we needed some tunes so popped a CD in the radio and sat there with out even a nibble to show for it. We hit a second hole and some different music and still nothing. It was now dark and there wasn't much moving around on the water, but because of the wind the water was still pretty rough. We decided to move to our next spot and as soon as fired up the motor the Asians started flying these same fish that wouldn't come close to jumping in during daylight hours now were flying up everywhere. Melissa was screaming and at one point when one landed in her lap she about jumped out of the boat. We set up on our 3rd hole of the night and still not even a nibble to show for it. We did have plenty of bait since 2 more Asians jumped in the boat. We were into our 3rd CD at this time and had listened to Styx, The Doobie Brothers, and a CD of my daughters featuring much newer artists.....After awhile we started moving again and the asians started flying again this time I had one fly right at my face, go over my head and slap me in the forehead with his tail before hitting my daughter in the face, landing on the floor bounce around under my chair and slap me in the ass.....This was not looking like a good idea at all. We threw 3 more out of the boat and set up on our 4th hole. At this point it was time to change CD's again and I rememberded something that Willie has said one time. "You've got to ply the Blues if you want to catch the Blues" So I pop in my Eric Clapton Blues CD and into the 3rd song the middle pole bends over and Melissa is reeling in her first Mississippi River Blue. a 13.5 lbs. fish that she handled all by herself. Deb caught a 7.5lbs. Channel and I got a 5lbs. Blue the Cd ended and we didn't get another bite all nite long. Right as the sky started to lighten the rain drops started to fall. I woke up Deb and we started reeling in lines it was time to head for the house. But the Asians decided they were gonna put on one more show before we left. Moving down river at about 20mph they start flying up everywhere, I mean we had at least 20 in the air at one time landing in the boat, one hit me in the chest, landed in Deb's lap.....It was crazy! Stopped the boat to get the nasty things out of the boat and got going again only to have to stop 2 more times to remove the hitchikers. All in all we threw about 15 of the slimy bastages back in the river. My boat is covered with nasty asian slime form one end to the other. I'll post some pics of the girls fish later when my eyes are able to focus on something again.
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    sounds like you need to keep some football helmets on board! congrats on the fish.

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    we had an asain yesterday that jumped so high outta the water that it landed in the middle of the canopy on bob's boat. That thing had to of been at least 10 foot outta the water.
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    First time Igot hit,my chest was bruised for a week.Now,we run through them for bait.Since noone was hurt,I guess it had to be a funny sight,carp everywhere,boatful of people ducking....
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    My cousin is coming into town this evening. I have told her that I would take her out on the river for some fishing while she is in town. She is particularly interested in seeing some of these flying fish. She even said she was bringing her camcorder to capture the spectacle...I'm thinking I'll get her a little slimy.:wink:
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    Sounds like a name change night to me lmao

    Asianichii would work lol

    glad u found some fish after workin so hard for them. Me wonders if there is anything to this blues cd music lol
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    Domo mari gato , Mr. Roboto!!:smile2:!!
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    sounds like a good night congrats on the fish
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    Funny stuff right there. Last time Ed and I fished we couldn't get one of the silly things to land in the boat for bait. Of course if I don't need any more bait they'll see who can jump in the boat first. :smile2:

    Glad you finally found some fish.
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    I have to elaborate on Mikes story a bit because he forgot some vital information.We got on the river and looked for bait for what seemed like 2 hours. Casting and casting, looking for slack waters, driving the boat in circles trying to get the fish to jump in the boat when we come up on the Lady of the Rivers statue. I had never seen this Lady of the River statue before and took a couple pictures. Then jokingly I asked the Lady of the River to help us catch some bait. "Oh Lady of the Rivers...Please let some fish jump in our boat" Within 5 minutes we had two asains jump in the boat and Melissa darn near jumped out of it! I thought she was gonna climb right into the water! :smile2: We thanked the Lady and went on about our fishing trip. As Mike said we tried a few spots with no luck and then set up on a spot til dark. Without success we decided to move. Then the asains really started flying and we started getting them hitting the boat, hitting us....Melissa our 15 year old. Had put on her hoody, pulled her legs up tight under it, put the hood up and drew the string until all you could see was her two brown eyes looking out. Her asain body armor! Every time we moved she begged us to stop...LOL:smile2: I look back and it was the funniest trip but most terrifying for her Im sure. Im glad she caught the first fish and the biggest of the three for Im afraid she would be scarred for life and never go fishing again. :smile2:

    Then he left out the swarm of yellow jackets we fought just to clean the fish. I had never seen yellow jackets swarm fish before only heard my grandpa talk about it years ago.

    I tell ya, I better enjoy the fish It was hard earned :smile2:
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