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Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by MRR, Feb 2, 2007.

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    has been asked to sing the the National Anthem at the Super Bowl. he was asked to set down for an interview and Promptly criticized the anthem.While praising what the song represented Joel said the Star Spangled Banner isn't the gratest song ever written .Also says it's kind of a slog ,actually.
    Kind of curious what do you all think. myself I think they need to find another singer.Just my opinion!!
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    This is my opinion! Billy Joel,would have been thanked,for his time,but he would have been told,I believe we will need someone that is more suited for this job! You just don't quite fit the mold were looking for.I then would have said thank you,and have a good day! He obviously doesn't appreciate living in the United States.If they go ahead and use him I don't think too much of the folks that pay for the entertainment!!,But on the other hand I guess we all have the right to "Our freedom of speech":sad2:

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    I really do not know the details about this story but I have heard before that the National Anthem is a very dificult song to sing because of its melody and the way it is structured, maybe that is what he was refering, i don't know for sure, I cannot pass judgement on him with out knowing the full story or seeing that interview myself. Did he said it was not the best song ever written because it is hard to sing, I am not a musician so I don't know, I like and love to hear the NA on every game because of what it means to me.
    Does it compare with your favorite song? I don't know if musically speaking it is the best or not but I don't see many singing the NA in the shower.
    How many other people have you seen singing it and sound terrible?, I remember a few people at a few Cubs games.
    Now you said he praised what the song represents, so where in that do you see that he does not appreciate where he lives?
    I think the National Anthem, the flag, the Capitol and those other symbols that tell me I live in the greatest country in the wordl are sacred, but this is only my humble opinion.
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    Yes Luey, you are right. The national anthem can be a very difficult song to sing, and it takes quite a range. There has actually been talk for quite a few years of changing our national anthem from "The Star-Spangled Banner" to "America the Beautiful". I didn't see the interview with Billy Joel, but he's an extremely talented singer/songwriter/musician. This will actually be the SECOND time he's sung our national anthem for the Superbowl :smile2:.
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    I'm sure he was talking in musical terms and not patriotic terms or beliefs. There have been a lot of really fine songs written over the years and I'm sure everyone has an opinion on which one is the "best". Most surveys among people that grew up on rock & roll say the "Stairway To Heaven", by Led Zepplin is the best. My father would probably pick something by Perry Como. Saying it is not the best song, in no way, reflects on Billy's love for his country.
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    Billy Joel is one of the greatest songwriter/ lyricist/ performers of our generation. I have actually had this talk with my brother in law, also a musician. I can sing the National Anthem, but in only about four keys (two full steps), kinda like Oh Holy Night. It is difficult to perform and is not phrased the greatest. He is absolutely right that the song isn't the greatest stylistically,form wise, range wise, etc... He is still a patriot, just like us Democrats.:eek:oooh: