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    when i was first introduced to striper fishing (with live shad for bait) a old guy was fishing with the store bought leaders and snap swivels.

    we got into a long conversation on how the simplest rig will catch the most fish any day any time

    i on the other hand have always been a skeptic on using the imported leaders and having poor quality

    i saw him last night and he had 3 4lbers and 2 8lbers on his stringer( following a story about countless bassers that have $20 lures and $80 reels and rods but dont catch anything over 3lbs during the seasons...

    now i bought some of the egal claw leaders and thought about using them after i run out of the leaders i made and i finally did lastnight " it started off crapy with everything i threw out was getting snaged so i blew threw 6 leaders in 2 hrs"

    i put a black snapswivel on my mainline and then the leader, threw it out and got a 2lber, 4lber,3lber and last but not least a 9lber all on the same imported leader....

    *** im not saying that the 24" leaders i made wouldnt have work but that the 7 in leader didnt scare off the fish like i thought it would...

    Its $1.65 more buying the premade leaders than it would buying 50 2/0 baitkeepers ( not including the leader material) so im well set for the rest of the season and im happy to say that i have a story about catching more + bigger fish on Kmart combos and premade leaders than the bassers giging for 5 hours before i got to the dock
    i caught everything on a $24 spinning combo and 6lb line + 12lb leader:wink:

    anyone else do simple rig fishing like this cause i would like to hear about it aswell:smile2:
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    You must have been mistaken, you can't catch fish on a cheap setup. The fish don't bite:smile2:. I started out very cheap (Zebco 33's). In fact I landed my first cat on a 5'6 older Rhino combo. I found out the drag didn't work when I tried to give him line and my 'drag' seemed to be set on the "Sorry, I refuse to give out line, either you'll break your line or manhandle this fish" setting. When the cat finally surfaced, I had landed a 9lb channel. I also was using 14lb test Cajun line (also cheap). The truth is I now fish with much nicer equipment, but only because the nicer things help me fish better and easier. And when I caught my 14lb avatar cat, I was glad I had 30lb braided line, and a nicer baitcaster that I could adjust the drag as needed. you may well find that as you can get nicer things, you will appreciate them more and more. Just don't be a guy who looks down on the kid with a pawn shop bought rhino combo. Because his gill head (used corn to catch the gills) rigged to a .67 cent pack of four hooks, held on with cheap Cajun line, might just have the biggest fish in the place on the end!