Simple Commands to Help you Navigate Windows

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    Simple commands to help you navigate in Windows

    ctrl+a = Select All
    ctrl+x = Cut
    ctrl+c = Copy
    ctrl+v = paste
    ctrl+h = Brings up history in web browsers
    ctrl+o = Open
    ctrl+p = Print
    ctrl+f = find on this page
    ctrl+s = Save
    ctrl+z = Undo
    ctrl+y = Redo
    F5 = Refresh
    Alt+Tab = alternate between open windows

    For Text Editing
    ctrl+b = Bold
    ctrl+u = Underline
    ctrl+i = Italic

    Tony Farrar
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    To save time when typing a website in the address bar, just type the name and press ctrl + alt + enter and it puts in the www in front and the .com at the end. :0a26:

    Example: Type catfish1 then press and hold ctrl+alt then press Enter and you will have

  3. TDawgNOk

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    click at the beginning of the text you want to copy, and hold your left mouse button down while dragging across the text you want to copy.

    for example:

    {click here}This is what we are copying{release button here}

    Then you can either right click, and choose copy, OR, press ctrl+c to copy the text.
    Then put your mouse where you want the text to appear, and press ctrl+v or right click and choose paste

    You can type out a long post in notepad, do all your editing and correcting, then press ctrl+a to select all the text, then ctrl+c to copy it
    switch over to your web browser, and click on reply or new post, then in the post box, simply click in it once, then either right click and choose paste, or press ctrl+v to paste it.

    hope this helps some.