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Simple and easy homemade cheese bait's.

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Bait name. catchin cats.

Things needed.

1. 2 bags yellow shreaded cheese.

2. 1 package of ground beef.

3. ! large bowl.

To make.

1. Dump both bags of cheese into the bowl.

2. take a hand full to a hand full and a half of the ground beef, place it into the frying pan and fry till brown do not brun it

3. after ground beef is browned do not drain off the oil from it. dump the ground beef into the bowl of cheese and stir it well.

4. To make it as thin as you want it add less cheese but if you think it needs to be thicker add more cheese and lightly warm it in the microwave then take out and stir well again.

5. Put the finshed thing into whatever container your going to keep it with a tight seal and set it in the fridge till cool. this is so it can get a better holding body for the hook.

Tip always keep you bait cool the best you can. i find that looper rigs are a good rig for holding this bait.

This bait is made by randy stoneberger. aka. boc. vacatfish.
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I had tacos for supper last night and used the same ingredients, lol. Thanks Randy, I will have to try that out. Not very many catfish bait recipes that make you hungry while you are mixing it up, lol.
But a it works. for me in my area.
I bet it does work. I will give it a try. Sometimes it pays to keep things simple. With the fat in the hamburger and of course the cheese which we all know the cats love, I don't see how you could go wrong. Sounds like you are with me on the Looper rigs. Man, those things work!
I use lopper rigs for all my bait's i make. i have looper rigs here that i got year before last think so or not and they are still holding up and not one thing has happen to them.

And still hold bait as good as the day i got them.
wow a bait my mom wont complain about when im cooking it up :glare:
Now thats a bait that I wouldnt mind tryin. Simple, Cheap, and it works. Sounds great I'll have to give it a try.
I made some today but i also added a lil bit of garlic power in while i was mixing it

Taking my nephew out fishing tomorrow and im going to try it out . Looks like it'll do good but ill come back with a results tomorrow night .
Good luck brother hope all works well.
I think I'm gonna mix up a batch today and try it next week. I'll let you know what happens.
Post to bring out of archives.
What are looper rigs? I've never heard of them.
We may be missing the simplest cheese bait of all. I read a report about a test somebody once ran to determine which cheese bait performed best. Surprisingly, chunks of plain old cheddar cheese caught more fish than any other cheese bait.
I wrote an article for the old board consisting of every homemade bait I could find a recipe for, but I can't find it on the new board, and can't log onto the old board to copy it.
Jerry, it's here. Look for "JTrew's Prepared Baits"
Thanks. Don't know why I couldn't find it.

Anybody interested in looking at a wide variety of cheese baits, or other prepared baits for that matter, can click on this. Just be aware that the article was posted in 5 parts because of its length. You'll have to find the post that contains the type of prepared bait that you're interested in.
Dang JTrew thats alot of recipes! Im definetly givin those a try for this year. What are a few of ur most productive concoctions or your go to bait?

Thanks a bunch
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