Similar rod to the Classic cat rod.

Discussion in 'Fishing Rod Review' started by King of the Shad, Aug 15, 2006.

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    I contacted st. croix about where I could find a classic cat rod. I knew they had stopped making them but, I was wondering where I might be able to find one. They said the premier glass musky rod is almost the same as the classic cat. But the musky rod is a little on the exspensive side. So I'm going to look on ebay for a one.
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    Good luck finding one! My buddy has one and its a nice rod. Its too bad they dont even make the blanks any more.

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    Brother Daly;
    Have you considered one of Shakespeare's Ugly Stiks as a possibility? They are hard to beat for the money!
    OR, and this is something you might want to consider checking into, is to contact our "GATOR"/Jim Hudson whom is a CRB/Custom Rod Builder about a "No-Thrills" Catfish Rod with the similar characteristic that your looking for in a Rod.
    I know he keeps several different kinds of Rod Blanks, Guides, ect, in his shop and that he has access, as a dealer, to several Rod Blank Companies as well as companies that supply all the things you need to build a rod.
    Jim also has, on his own web site, {that is now up and running} and you can access it through our BOC site here.
    On this web site, he has several Rods that he calls "Gator Specials" ready to ship and the prices are already listed. His site accepts something called PayPal, but I know he will also accept Money Orders, Bank Drafts, ect, too if you don't want to use this PayPal option or just don't feel comfortable using it. Myself, I fall into the later category!
    I don't know what he would charge, but I do know that he "Works" with BOC Brothers and Sisters and that we do get some kind of a discount. I'm just not sure of all the "Details" of the discount. He also guarantees his work with a simple "NO BS" warranty too!
    These would be options that I feel would be well worth your time to check into that could well get you the rod your looking for, and maybe a little bit more too!:smile2:
    If nothing else, he can help you find the rod your looking for or advise you on where else to look besides, I believe you said, Ebay.
    But from what I have seen of his website, and for the kind of money your talking about in your post, I would urge you, strongly, to see Gator/Jim out and talk with him! I honestly don't think you will be sorry in doing so!
    Hope this helps. If I may be of any further help please don't hesitate to contact me, OR any of the other Brothers and Sisters all of whom will do their absolute best to help you out with personal advice, opinions, tech support; Rods and other things, ideals, ECT, if you only ask! :big_smile: That is the probably the single most important thing that separates the BOC site, and the Members, apart from any other site that I have visited over the Internet to date! :big_smile: Their willingness to help and support ANYbody whom honestly asks for their help or has need of their services; personal and professional, is second to none!
    Welcome Aboard.
    Fraternally and Cordially,
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    marion kentucky
    St. croix still makes a rod very similar it is the PGM80HM. They are a 8' musky rod, very tough. They are worth there money!!!