Silverbell Lake

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    I have been spending a lot of time at Silverbell lake in West Tucson this past week. Quite a few cats have been pulled out. Personally I have only pulled out 6 so far. The biggest was 3# 14 oz. At sunset yesterday, while bring my line back in, I caught a 11 inch bass. On a side note someone pulled out a 5# cat as I was walking by them. I went over to check out the catch and the guy asked me to hold the line while he got the hook out. As soon as I grabbed the line the catfish flipped around and slapped me right in the crotch :cursing:. Ouch is all I can say!

    All my catches have been CPR. ;)

    One of the catfish I pulled out had 5 small leaches on the belly. Is this common? :confused: