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    ok here it comes another dumb ? by yours truely ok now i am going to take my motor off the boat and bring it inside for the winter what else if anything do i need to do to it b 4 it sits all winter? thanks in advance Ken
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    Fog it with fogging oil - Fog it while running if you can but if you can't spray it through the carb(s) with the throttle open and take out the plugs and shoot some into each cylinder while rotating the motor ... It's not as good but it's a lot better than not doing it at all

    Drain the carb bowl(s) ... I usually flush out the lines too ... bad gas is the root of all evil ... well maybe not all but probably 75% or better

    Drain the lower unit and check for water in the grease ... If there is water you have a few months to save the money to have it resealed, if it's ok fill'er back up and you are ready to go next spring ... Much better to find out now than have the lower unit shell out next spring and ruin a good month of fishing because every shop is backed up or you don't have the cash right then