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  1. stinkbaitman

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    south dakota
    I live in south dakota and am planning on bowhunting some shelterbelts cause thats all we have here but i dont know if I should put my pins at 15,20,and 25 or 20,25,30 or20,30,and 40. any opinions?:confused2:
  2. fishnfwl

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    South Cent
    Well I guess that would be only a decision you could make, I set my farthest shot pin at what I am positive I can make an ethical shot at, what ever you are comfortable with has to be up to you and you alone. Good Hunting hope ya bag a MONSTER!

  3. Big B

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    North Texas
    I personally use 4 pins. A red one for20yds. That pid should be accurate to 15yds. Next is a green 30yd pin then a yellow 40yd pin and another red pin for 50yds. The key it to practice, practice, practice. Not at just 20 30 40 and 50yds but every where in between. Site it in and then set a target out and just start walking away short or far. Estimate your yardage and see if you are accurate. On your way back pace it off. After a little practice you will be ready to hit the woods. I hope this works for you.
  4. jeffw51

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    unless your bow is extremely slow thre is no reason to set 15 20 25.ten yards apart is much better and your pins wont be crammed so tight brian said set your pins for 20 30 40 but practice the in between yardages and learn how to adjust to them.i use one pin, but i practice on where to hold over or under depending on where my target is and my bow is very fast making this a little easier on me.