Siderails advice please.

Discussion in 'Boat Modification Journal' started by justwannano, Oct 24, 2007.

  1. justwannano

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    SE Iowa
    Gonna add side rails to my boat trailer this winter.
    How much clearance am I looking for between the boat sides ( Square front jon ) and the rail.
    The trailer has a roller that the center rib runs on that sits about 6' back from the front the boat when properly trailered. Should I keep it or chuck it?
    I like the idea of planks on the bottom if just for walking on. Currently the back of the boat sits on 4x4s.
  2. stumpjumper

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    Dallas, GA
    Bob, I am by no means an expert, however, I would think that you would want minimal clearance on the side rails, especially if their function is to help stabalize the boat while trailering. I would think you would want a fairly snug fit.

    I would definitely keep the roller on the trailer as well. Good luck with your modifications!

  3. Ketch

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    I agree with Marc on this Bob. Keep your side rails close to snug with the boat. If you are making them yourself, add some outdoor carpeting to them so it doesn't scratch your boat. You never know when you might bump them a bit on windy days when trailering.

    I would keep the roller too. If you want something to walk on, you should be able to just put some planks on your trailer. Just make sure they stay below the surface of the roller. Then get some good self-adhering outdoor tread grip to put on these boards so you don't fall.
  4. tofish

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    Bob, i've put side rails on every boat i've had. both jon and V's. i like to leave max clearance of about 3/4 inch at widest point of boat. this will automatically center boat going on. helps considerably in a side wind. i also put runner planks on trailor and got rid of rollers. the very front one is okay, but i like being able to walk back to back of trailor and not wade.
    suggestion is call a boat shop and ask if they have rail rug. it's marine carpet in runner form and made for it. if you use indoor/outdoor carpet, make sure the nap of it runs towards back of trailor. lot easier to unload boat when not going against the carpet grain.
    these are just suggestions that i've learned by trial and experience.