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Discussion in 'Other Repairs' started by Muddler, Sep 6, 2007.

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    I have a 1995 Buick Skylark that needs a new battery. Still got the original, so I guess it don't owe me anything. Anyway, the socket rounded off the head on the neg terminal. I tried WD-40 and vice grips, but am fraid to put too much hurt on it.
    I hate these things. I have a terminal lifter for the old fashioned top post kind, but what can be easily done with this side-terminal thingy?

    Same car, separate problem: Car failed inspection because horn doesn't work. Horn blows constantly and blows fuses, too! I'm gonna install a new horn and horn button rigged up inside. There is some kinda short in the steering column and I don't want to have a face full of air bag, so I figure the universal horny is the way to go.

    Sheesh! And thanks!
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    when I have problems like the rounded bolt head, I use the Lord's name in vain a few times and get a bigger hammer. LOL. Figure at the most it will cost me a new battery and another cable. Far as the horn goes, it seems to me if there is a short in the wiring in the steering column, its not going to fix itself. A 12 year old car is still worth some money, so you may want to consider going into the column, find the short, and fix it right. What the guy with the Texaco star use to say... you can pay me now, or pay me later.

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    About anything beyond normal had tool pressure you apply to the side post battery is gonna do bad things to that connection. Creates or worsens leaks at that point. It is basicaly a two disc deal that the faces and are held to getther with a bolt thru the center.
    If your in the process of replacing the battery you can discard the end and replace it with a repair end or better yet replace the cable with a new unit.
    Sometimes they dissapear way down under.. and the repair end gets to looking better.
    Properly done with all the bad cable cut away and the "splice" away from the connection they will last just fine. Two type available a repair end and a mid point splice cable repair.
    No matter if ya get it loose it will need to be replaced as your gonna find it is corosion welded surface to surface.

    a 95 original equip battery has been a good one for sure!

    On the horn a few mins with a meter should tell ya where you have trouble. I suspect they might be running a relay to make him work and You could start there and work both directions. Auto zone will sell ya a new one for a few bucks and tell you where to look for it.
    I would chase the wire from the horn back , but i suspect it will be on the far side of that relay.

    Good luck
  4. Muddler

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    Thanks, guys. Ron, I think you are right about the new cable. I never knew about the splice option and that maybe the way to go. I am almost absolutely certain that the problem is in the column and very near the dreaded air bag. The problem started with "extended honking" when I blew the horn. The extensions got longer and longer and finally the thing got tired of waiting for me to push the button and started up all by itself.
    Lawrence, I took the Lord's name in vain out in traffic, whacking the horn pad all around the circumference to get the thing to shut up. I figure I used up all my horn-related cuss words already. So tomorrow being Saturday, I got the Buick parked under a holly tree in the shade and I'm going to put in a new horn--hopefully without having to invent four new cusswords.

    thanks guys. I love this board!

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    If there's enough slack in the cable, cut the bad end of the cable off and buy a replacement. When you trade in your old battery, just leave the bad cable end attached. If the cable is too short to do that, replace the whole cable.
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    if you want to go into the column there is a connector coming out of the steering column you can unplug it or take out the fuse for the airbag and it cant deploy
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    the posts are replaceable you can go to your local parts store or walley world and get side post terminals, what happens it that the connections over time build up alot of corrosion and it gets to where you have to use vice grips and tear it out of the bad old battery, the terminal is held in by the rubber gromet in the battery cable push it out and replace with new one.