Side console for jon boat

Discussion in 'Boat Modification Journal' started by bigBB, Oct 5, 2007.

  1. bigBB

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    St.Louis, MO
    I am wanting to replace the side console in my jon boat and am looking for some options. Does anyone know where to get a console? or has anyone had any success building there own etc.. the one in the boat is just too short for me. I'm 6'5" and it is not comfortable to get my legs underneath etc.... I've searched on the net but can't seam to come up with any options. thanks guys.
  2. RivrLivn

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    If you just need your current console to sit higher, you should just find a good aluminum welder and have them add some new sheeting around your current console to make it sit the way you want.
    The worst part about either way you go is having to possibly get a longer steering cable.

  3. RCollier

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    my grandpa made a console for my boat the only difference is that the new one he built put the steering wheel facing up it was a little ackward at first to drive but sure gave me more leg room and i didn't have to get a longer steering cable.