Sickle Hooks?

Discussion in 'Terminal Tackle Review' started by lookin_4_moby, Aug 22, 2009.

  1. lookin_4_moby

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    Guthrie, OK
    I've been thinking about trying them but I'd like to hear some of the up's and down's about them and what makes them different from a circle or say a team catfish double action hook. any help is greatly appreciated
  2. poisonpits

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    i have and use the sickel hooks myself and in my opion they are one of the sharpest hooks out there.its hard to get them out of the package without bringing blood.they stay sharp and the 7/0s are resonably priced.i get mine from pete at wildwolf products.hes one of our sponsers and you can see his stuff by clicking on his name in the sponsers section on the home page.

  3. brownie525

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    damn good hooks havent found a down side myself.
  4. Cliffcat

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    Sickle hooks are sharp. Most of the time, I have been fishing from shore with the rod in a rod holder. 95% of the fish had already hooked themselves by the time I picked up the rod. When I make up some pre-tied leaders at home, I tied up several different types of hooks. The hook I'm most likely to be stuck by, is the sickle hook. They are sharp, and many times the fish sets the hook for me. I like that combination. So far my opinion of them is very good. The only unknown for me would be 'can they consistently hold up against the power and strain causes by the pull of large fish' (50 lbs +). I hope I get to find out. If others have had the pleasure of that experience with a sickle hook, please let us know.


  5. catman79

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    sickle hooks,lets see i love them and dont like to use anything else,i have been using them since this spring,the only down fall to them is that they make you bleed alot lol,also they are a very strong hook so when i get snagged up its hard to get them out,the sharpness of them digs it in deeper and the strenght doesnt let them bend at all.i am using 4/0 for catfishing and i have caught cats from 6 inches to 15 pounds always a good safe hookset,either in cornor of the mouth or out through upper lip.i have yet to lose one that i hooked with a sickle hook,i use them to get my bait also.i recomend them to everybody i see,heck i have even given them to people to try while out fishing,never heard a complaint from anybody,well other than getting poked ny them.oh yeah,they stay sharp for a long time,im using one on my rod thats been on it for 2 months now,prool has caught about 30 or more fish,been snagged up in the rocks several times,and its still just as sharp as when i took it out of package
  6. ShilohRed

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    Better then a Circle hook as there also a Double Action Hook. You can set the hook. Or let the fish set them for you.
    There Sharp, Tough hook that is one of the best hooks on the market.
    We have them from 1/0 up to 10/0 check us out.
  7. Fl.catman

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    I had never used them before but got some in a wholesale lot I buoght. I tried some of them and was shocked by the hook up rate. But as has already been stated BE CAREFUL or you will be BLEEDING.