Sick its where i live

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    threat today in yuba city where i live with my wife (near beale afb)
    this guy jeff carney says he wants to make the virginia tech shooting look like it was nothing. all i can say is the shotgun is loaded and im ready for him...i hope everyone one else is to. im so tired of people like this. its a sick day in america when i feel like i cant leave my house becuase there is some sick nut on the loose sayin he wants to go on a killing spree. everyone would like to say the system failed him and we should all give him tired of that bs. when they find this guy they should kill him.

    JERMSQUIRM New Member

    yep, keep them guns loaded. mine are too.

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    OKC, OKLA.
    You know Ben, it was very scary and everybody was on edge here in Okla. City after the bombing. I worked for the public schools then, all the doors were locked and teachers and voluntiers guarding the doors ect....

    All that was a good thing, but your right its a shame we have to live under those conditions sometimes here in the US of A.
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    bedford virginia
    I just got back from virginia tech. not a sight anyone wants to see.

    They should make every school in the us get cameras in the class room and in all entry ways of the schools and leave them cameras on 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

    Also cameras in the parkinglot of the schoold where they can record any movement made would stop alot to.

    The thing i do not understand is how the world was the investigation from the first shooting at 715am over by 10am something.

    When we see all the time when theres only one shooting and the investigation gos on sometimes 2 or 3 days and maybe even weeks.

    Moms and dads of the ones lost in this should be asking how was the first investigation of the shootings wraped up and closed so fast.

    With the time frame of the 2 shooting the investigation from the first one should had still been on going.

    If not they should have had something set up and ready incase of another out break.

    If you ask me there was some careless misshandled work done by the law on this one and they forgot to use comon sense.

    Life has not reset button that can be pushed and it be like nothing ever happen.

    So with the way the law handled this first shooting at virginia tech i say pack every gun you can man or woman it's your life and it's your right to protect it and your family.

    And if you have to lay the hammer down. do not feel sorry for anyone who would not feel sorry for you.

    Take a stand or more will happen on the us land like this we got to stop it not the law not anyone els we the people cause we the people see this stuff way before the law ever does.