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Sick To The Stomach Stink Bait

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Original post made by Bruck K Staggers(Story Teller) on September 15, 2004

this is a very simple dip/dough bait

about 100 earthworms (large)
about 25 chicken livers
about as much flour as needed
about an 80 degree sunny day(3)

1.) place worms and chicken livers in a pickle jar with lid.

2.) set in the sun for 3 days. at this point you will see creepy crawlers. don't panic its part of the mixture.

3.) now. the most important part....get the kid who keeps stealing your newspaper to blend this together with a stick. stand back he will throw up. if that fails use a blender.}(personally i'll wait to catch the kid.)

4.) now mix as much flour as need to make} a dip/dough bait or cornmeal to make chum balls.

to make chum balls
mix stinky mixture with enough cornmeal to make a stiff ball. let dry in the sun.
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Sounds like that would do the trick for fish , but have to hold your breath to use it...LOL
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