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Discussion in 'Catfishing Baits' started by tncatfishing, Nov 8, 2005.

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    Well I tried shrimp again as bait, and also baited up with shad as whole and cutbait. But nothing and I mean nothing wanted to bite on anything. I should have tried a different spot, but the weather started turning for the worse, seemed like a storm was blowing in. The wind went from nothing to about ten to fifteen mile per hour which made watching your poles a little bit of a pain especialy in the dark. I use the flourescent snap lites on the end of my poles and the wind would make them dance, hard to tell if I had any bites or just the wind. So I just decided to try again this weekend. I will bring four different baits this time,shrimp, chicken liver, night crawlers and of course shad. Good fishing to all.
  2. Big Country01

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    keep on trying that shrimp it does work i have caught quite few on it....john

  3. Phil Washburn

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    i went to a local lake with one of my sons-in-law last year and used several different baits. there wasn't much activity on cut or stink baits, so i got my shrimp out. my son-in-law told me he had never seen anything caught on shrimp. he said this as i started pulling out channels :D

    shrimp isn't the best bait everytime, but sometimes it works when nothing else does. a smart catter takes 3 or 4 kinds of bait when he goes. catfish can be very finicky :)
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    I fish Lake Oconee in Georgia and all the locals will tell you that shrimp will outcatch liver, worms and sometimes even shad anyday. But nothing beats a live bluegill.
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    years ago me and my dad used to drift fish with shrimp for channels on lake ray robberts we would bring a couple sacks of range cubes and dump them out as we drifted down a creek chanel near wolf island and we would take our shrimp and dump a few in a ziploc bag and dump a little red food coloring in and mix it up and catch fish all day tell your arms got tired and come back the next day and wear them out again getting our limit every day