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    its getting a little better...Since we got hammered with rain, I watched the gauges and saw the GMR was up about a foot in South Dayton so I took the smurf boat out and got to the river about 6:00 pm tonight for a short trip, the rise in water levels certainly should have something biting I had hoped and at least I know had some current to hold the boat. Anyways first cast, starts with the line moving in towards me then out and then back in towards me so I set the hook and quickly realize that Turtle number 11 for me this year was on his way in, a suprise was it was a nice Snapper about 10-12 lbs Im guessing and he wasnt very happy about the whole hook in his mouth ( couldnt even see it so I assume he swallowed it), so I cut the line but consider it a good deal since the last two times out I didnt even get any turtle hits. Nothing else there so I head to some current and set up there at the head of a good run, nothing so I move to the middle of this run where its about 14 ft deep and I get nothing sop I move to the Tailout in about 5-6 feet of water and miss a turtle hit there, so I move down to a place we call Mellons Snag, its a tree in 4 ft of water along the bank with some good current around it, anyways I get a couple of turtle taps there and then the rod goes down real hard and quick but springs back up, this was not a turtle hit, I wait 10 minutes for him to come back but he doesnt, the bait is still intact confirming it was a fish. How he didnt get hooked, I dont know, smaller fish maybe ( fishing Gama #4/0 Circles, frozen Shad) so I move to a submerged tree further down river where we have taken some in the past, I get some turtles tapping there but nothing solid, so I figure Ill finish up at a new trough I found last week, right along the bank, 10 feet of water and all gravel bottom, so I hit it and over the next 20 minutes, miss two real nice hits, Im out of practice I guess. and tehn Nightprowler calls and about a minute into the call, I get a good hit and hook a 2 lb channel, so it was time to call it a night and I wish i could have fished it longer but I was already late and so I can tell you, Thanks Nightprowler who must have bestowed some luck to me and that a 2 lb channel never felt so good after taking a skunking on cats the last 4 times out!!:big_smile: Water was back to normal, had a good green color on it and flotsom was minimal, mostly street trash, (bottles, cans, small trash, leaves and sticks) nothing big in the water so the boat was fine. Water had dropped a few more degrees from the colder rain last night, temps were now down to 76-77 degrees everwhere I went.
    Nothing great but each time out I get better with the boat, it gets easier to launch by myself and each time out I try to depth find a new area to get a better feel for the water. This time it paid offso until next time, I hope we get even more rain tomorow and that will bring the water levels up another foot, that would be great! I hope folks enjoy the reports, good or bad, but it shows a strong pattern of where NOT to fish, and its my first full year of chasing cats so while some of you think I have horrible luck, I just dont see it that way, I see it as a learning experience and throw every minute into each new species I learn how to catch and while some think I dont do well sometimes, It s all about learning and more importantly, getting out and trying new things every time out and sooner or later, you will hit it big. I can tell you that Dink, Mellon and Jack and recently Nightprowler have been instrumental in helping my learning curve out so A speacial thanks goes out o them. In the meantime, Ill get out every chance I get and try to post to help others with patterns or more recently, I can tell you where they are NOT, but that is good solid info in anyones book! Now if I can just remember that next year.:roll_eyes: