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Discussion in 'Fishing Rod Review' started by catchinghogs, Feb 2, 2006.

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    Was looking at buying a baitcasting set up this year found a great deal on st. croix rod at Dicks Sporting goods.The rod is originally $119 it is on sale for $94 plus i have a 10 dollar off coupon it is a very nice rod holds 17- 40 pound test with lure weight up to 3 and 3/8 ounces, rod is six foot six. Does anyone fish this size rod or do you prefer a longer rod what reel would you recommened am leaning to an abu 6600 how easy are they to use. I primarily fish spinning rods but looking to try something new.Thank you all for any info
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    If I may, I would suggest a ugly stik tiger 7ft medium/heavy and line weight is, I think 20-60, and can handle up to 8oz of weight.

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    St Croix makes awesome rods...kinda costly but very nice
    I have 9 and 12 ft rods but I also have several 6'6 rods and I still use them
    The longer rods are nice for the long distance casting or for the xtra back bone and the ability to get alot of line out of the water quickly
    But the short rods are nice when fishing near trees and transporting them
    I wouldnt let the fact that its 6'6 deter me

    Are you set on buying this rod? cause there are many , many other to choose from that would offer , near same preformance with a lot of xtra money in the wallet for that new 6500
    Just My Opinion