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Discussion in 'Jims Woodworking' started by Mark J, May 15, 2009.

  1. Mark J

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    Four Oaks, NC
    While I wait on epoxy to cure on the boats I been working on a shop project.
    I decided if a war wagon was good enough for NASCAR pit crews then one would be good enough for me.

    I'll get some pictures later but basicly I have a 3/4 plywood box that is 6 feet tall, 4 feet wide, and 2 feet deep. 5" inch casters with zerk fittings.
    The doors are 5 and half inches deep which allows door storage. Each door has a swiveling caster attached to it's bottom.

    In the bottom I'll have my Bostitch pancake compressor, retractable cord reels, hose reels, and a retractable work light.
    I'll also have a built in air bypass where I can bypass my bostitch compressor and plug into shop air.

    I just needed to get organized. Take a router for instance. You got a seperate plunge base then you have all the little gizmos for routers you have bought like the door hinge templates and such. Mine are all over the shop here and yonder and in boxes.

    Drill bits, paddle bits, gun nails, gun brads, and finish nails. 4 nail guns, belt sanders, orbital sanders, and consummables like saw blades and sandpaper.
    Electronic angle finders, T squares, squares , and rafter squares.
    I'm tired of hunting all this stuff down and looking in boxes for it.

    The idea is that it's in the shop which is alarmed but the cabinet is dead bolt locked. If somebody did pry a door open there is nothing to grab a handful of and run with before the alarm goes off. They aint stealing the war wagon either. Intentionally I built weight into it to prevent it's theft.
    I can roll it out of the barn under the shelters and just plug the cabinet into a power outlet to fire up my cord reels, lights, and battery chargers.
    The whole thing opens like a giant book.

    Pictures soon.
  2. metalman

    metalman Well-Known Member

    You will love it. Don't forget the tow hook and the tie downs...W

  3. Mark J

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    Four Oaks, NC
    I'd mount a satellite dish on it if it would fit through the door.:big_smile:
    I haven't got down to the interior layout yet. Still mulling that one over however I have considered an entertainment section.
    Boom box or stereo and small flat panel TV with DVD.
    Some racks for the George Jones CDs and the IIIrd Tyme Out CDs.
    Gotta have some Dulcimer Dan CDs as well. Chill out music.
  4. SkipEye

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    Winfield, MO
    You could put some glow lighting underneath it and pimp it out!!!:smile2:
  5. gilmafam

    gilmafam Well-Known Member

    Sounds like it is a good practical project a mechanics big roll away....

    bayrunner ray
  6. Catpaw

    Catpaw Well-Known Member

    Central Cail
    Mark what about the storage area for the beer? lol
  7. sscharlie

    sscharlie Well-Known Member

    Yea, A tapper on the side would be GREAT..LOL
  8. Mark J

    Mark J New Member

    Four Oaks, NC
    Ray, that is exactly what it is except it's custom.
    I've never found a tool box like I wanted in my life.
    I'll have drawers for the wrenches and sockets.

    When I say tool box, it's just that. From power tools to hand tools to all the gadgets for tools.

    As for the beer. Don't think I haven't thought of a mounted tap but over on another set of wheels I have a fullsize refrigerator with two taps on the door of it. I think one kegorator is a plenty.:wink:

    The budget for this thing? There isn't one. I'm going wherever it takes me.
    I look at the big roll around toolboxes that are thousands of dollars and wont fit my needs. I might have a grand in this one before its over. Maybe more. Maybe alot more.

    I've spent about 700 bucks on it so far. Granted, all of that material hasn't been used and some pieces here and there may not be used.
    I can easily see a thousand in it when it's done.

    I just hope the doors don't fall off. Each door has 4-4" door hinges.
    The doors are probally in the neighborhood of 50 pounds a piece EMPTY.
    One reason there is a 5" swiveling caster under each door. Takes the weight off the hinges.

    I'll get some pictures today. Hopefully the doors get mounted today.
    I took the router and have done all the mortising for all 8 hinges.
    Hinge mortising jig comes in handy. Makes it a snap.