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    is there different ways to shoot a slingshot

    ive done instinctive archery a couple summers back but i cant hit a box from 20 ft away using a slingshot

    please help someone!!!!!!!!
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    Sorry I can't help much. I haven't used a slingshot since the eary 60s I think it was. But for several years now I'd been thinking about getting one to take fishing with me to get rid of a turtle or two. Thanks for getting me thinking about it again.

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    I only know the way I learned, which is to hold the slingshot at an angle and use the top fork as a judge of how you're aiming. There's definitely a lot of 'Kentucky windage' involved in shooting a slingshot, but that at least gives you some kind of reference point.
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    I was able to hunt with them in my youth but couldnt tell you how to aim. We used whatever rocks we could find, no fancy ammo for us. Heck we'd even have jolly rancher fights with im. All I can say is practice.

    LEROYDOZOIS New Member

    i tried ur method and by accident i hit wat i was aiming at

    pull the pouch to ur temple ( anchoring in archery ) and center it in the yoke
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    Are you using a traditional slingshot? The kind that looks like a Y?
    I can't hit much with one of those either. You need a wrist rocket.
    Rocks don't work well in slingshots.
    I use marbles. They are cheap but a little heavy.
    They sell steel ball bearings especially for slingshots. They are probably 1/2 the size of marbles but a little more expensive than the marbles I buy from dollar type stores.
    Its about like other things it takes practice.
    BTW if you are shooting at a target marbles are a little easier to salvage than ball bearings.
    have a good one
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    I think practice and that word instinct.I used one off and on for years but was never good.Some kids and adults were unbelievable shots!

    We had a Oiler in the Union Camp paper mill at Savannah Georgia who carried one and shot the rats as he traveled the mill oiling machinery.The man was unbelievable.You would have to see the shots he made to believe him.He hit running Rats regularly.He was even deadly on English Sparrows as small as they were.I worked in the millwright shop before transferring.We would throw the old Bearings in a drum.He would remove the balls from the ones he wanted to use for ammo.He said that he had shot one all of his life.

    I knew quite a few kids who hunted with them in the 50's.They had no money for BB guns,22s,BBs or shells.I knew some who often killed coons,ducks,geese,squirrels and rabbits.They were good stalkers as well as shots.They did this year round and this was part of their families food supply.Many animals were considered pest then and no season on them.You could kill most birds year round.Robins and Blackbirds were prime eating and lawful outside of most town limits.

    They also trapped with handmade traps and snares.I do not believe the Game Wardens tried very hard to catch the ones who did it because of hunger as long as they did not get greedy and start selling it.Now this is a personal opinion.

    I love you Brothers and Sisters.peewee
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    Instinctive is the way to go if you are an instinctive type shooter.Some arent and must have a reference point like an anchor point or sight of some sort.I liken a slingshot to artillery!!!!:big_smile::smile2:Fire and adjust.I does help if you hold and release the same way each time.I use the kind with the wrist brace and try and pull the same amount each time and place the ammo the same way in the pouch.I use marbles because they are cheap,accurate,and have sufficient weight.Ball bearing are much better for killing things and distance.As PeeWee said practice practice practice.We were neevr without ours as a boy and we would let fly at anything that mover or any potential target so I was forced to get good in a hurry or lose face.It wasnt uncommon to bet your slingshot on your ability to make a hit before the other guy.:smile2::big_smile: