Shoot thru netting and Rage Broadheads

Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by bnewsom71, Nov 7, 2008.

  1. bnewsom71

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    I have never shot my 3-blade rages through the netting of my ground blind. I always leave the netting down on the holes I think I will be shooting through. Am I worried for no reason? Will they partially open or get thrown off? Thanks for any comments!!! I am going on my "1 weekend a year" dream hunt for a biggun this weekend and I would like to leave the netting up if it will not bugger me up.
  2. Manny

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    I purchased the Rages not to long ago and then looked at reviews, There just not safe. But when they do work they are awsome.

    #1 They will not stay closed in the quiver
    #2 They come very dull
    #3 They have a tendicy to open up in flight prematurely
    #4 The set screws that hold the blades break after some impacts, making replacing the blades impossible.

    Look up the reviews on these and you will find out more.

    I would suggest if its a hunt of a life time stick to your tried and true broadhead you have used in the past.

    I cant believe all the endorsements for these from all the big names. These guys that endorse them are their for the money. And I believe their taking the money over ethical kills. Im not being disgruntel I have never shot them i gave them away to a friend, who says he might try them.

    I just dont want to chance a buck of a lifetime to a broadhead that might or might not decide to function properly.

    The concept is great but not engineered right yet.

    Remember if it looks like a rubberband its a rubberband.

  3. Txbluecatman

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    I think Manny is dead on.
  4. Mi11er

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    I can not believe that Chuck Adams endorses these. After reading a hundered times in his articals that mechanicals lose energy when entering a animal, can malfunction, may not open. I guess money cures all that is wrong with a product:roll_eyes:
    I have always wondered if you can shoot mechanicals through the netting. I just don't know. I would think that it might be all right 9 out of 10 times, but it would be that 10th time that bites your backside
  5. ozzy

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    Sounds like he sold out. Does he have a T on his hat? :smile2:
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    I have shot rage broadheads for 3 years and the only thing that has gone wrong was the last deer i shot broke the screw mentions above.Other than that i am 100% satisfied with mine,shot 5 deer in the last 3 yrs all droped within 50-60 yards cept 1 which i didn't have a good hit on.
  7. bownero

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    I'm not here saying to shoot mechanical broadheads through the netting of your hunting blind, but I can say the NAP Shockwaves will work. I've had great success hunting turkeys using these. I believe because of the blade design, there is not interference with netting after the shot. The longest shot kill was 28 yds. at a turkey with devastating results.

    Just my thoughts.
  8. rairdog

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    I have taken one practice shot from my blind through the mesh with a spitfire. It veered off and was scary. One blade opened as it passed through the mesh (thats what the hole looked like anyway). The rage slide out if I'm not mistaken. Still the same thing could happen if one slide prematurely. I sure as heck wouldn't try it with any mechanical's again. JMO
  9. irishangler

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    I had a similar problem with another brand of mechanical broadheads last spring when shooting at a turkey through the mesh window on my blind. It veered at least 2-feet to the left on a shot of only 15 yards. I've since used the same fixed broadhead I do for deer and have had no problems with flight through the mesh.