Shimano Volteaus

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    While working on Operation Catch Fish, I got to chat with a Shimono representative who dontated over 250 rods and reels.
    He showed me the Shimano Volteaus. This rod was lightweight, had pretty good sensitivity, and was TOUGH. The rep grabbed the rod and was doing all kinds of twisting and bending with the last 8" of it. He then put the end eyelet under a table and more than doubled the rod. This rod was just as tough as any of the Ugly Sticks I have been around, but felt alot more sensitive. He explained that it was their best rod for the price in his opinion. This rod is suppose to retail for $40 give or take with a lifetime warranty. I think I am going to get a few for my slipcorking rigs when chasing channels.

    The one thing that was hardest for me to get over was the "design" of the rod. It looked cheap at first glance with silver on silver coloration. But once I picked it up and started handling it I felt that it was a good rod and I really liked it.