Shimano TLD15

Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by Gator, Oct 8, 2005.

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    Ludowici GA
    The Shimano TLD15 reel is light as far as the weight of the reels goes weighting at an incredible 18.6 ounces. It has 4 set of sealed A-RB Stainless Steel ball bearings, which are very smooth and very sweet feature of this reel. It also has a smooth ball bearing titanium drag system, which is very highly spoke of in the saltwater fish circuit around here. It also has a water shield around the drag system to help keep water and sand out of it. With a line capacity of 350 yards of 25 and 400 yards of 20 which is great for a reel this size. The 4.0 to 1 gear ratio is also out standing for catfish, it if fast enough to keep up if the fish turns and runs toward you and strong enough to get him out of cover fast.

    When it comes to casting it is smooth and sweet making 50 and 60 yard cast with a 2-ounce sinker with no problem. The reel is very smooth when I checked the drag with my scale the drag set at full power would break 20-pound line with out slipping. It would slip on 25-pound test and seem to max out at 20.6 pounds of dead weight. I have not fished the reel yet but did cast it in the back yard and was hitting about 60 yards average with a 2-ounce sinker. She cast very well, and fells very good on a rod and in the hands. The price was not to bad either at $129.99 before taxes. If you get the chance to get one of these I would recommend it as they do perform well from what I have seen in some of the King mackerel tournaments here and I have fished them before on a friend of mines boat as all Shimano is his sponsor so that is all he will allow on his boat..LOL They worked great for us that day and he finally talked me into buying one.

    Yes Big George I now own 2 Ambassadors and a Shimano …. LOL
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    OK Gator, I am sold on a TLD. How do you like the lever drag? Wnen you get tired of it I will send you a Penn for it. I don't know if you read the BOC Swap Meet but I seen you were looking for old fishing rods. I have a Heddon Pal Mark I Controlled Flex Action fly rod, model 8305 8foot. The ferulle is broke off the bottom part of the rod. If you are interested in it give me a PM with your address and I wil get it in the mail to you. Abu