Shimano Tekota 500 "Best Reel Ive Owned For Cats"

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    I’ve been looking for a better quality cat reel than ive been getting in the 6500 Abu which I have 4 of, and to be up front they are good reels and have a great track record for there quality and longevity, but for me and my money I was looking for something that was a little more refined,, After getting the shimano curado 200 I really liked the feel of the shamano products,,

    So I got one of there light salt water trolling reels the Tekota 500, and all I can say about it is its a work of art, It cast great "I would not fish a lure with it" but for putting big baits out there it perfect, the drag is super smooth, the reel has a level wind system wich keep you from having to keep up with the line like on some, the power handle is super comfortable and after using the power handles that’s all I want to use now, the reel has a loud clicker if you like to fish like that, It size wise its about in the middle of a 6500 and a 7000 Abu,, ive got a 600 coming and I think it will be the size of the 7000 I will let you know,

    I shopped around quite a bit and managed to pay 132.00 for it which is cheaper then the 7000 Abu I have been looking at, so if you are looking at hi end cat reels or if you troll for stripers,"they also make a line counter model" might want to give this one a look..,:wink:


    Model: TEKOTA 500&600

    Diecast Aluminum Frame

    Stamped Aluminum Right Sideplate

    Aluminum Braced Graphite Non-Handle Side Plate

    Aluminum Spool

    Rod Clamp

    Manual Clutch

    A-RB® (Anti-Rust Bearings)

    Super Stopper®

    Assist Stopper®

    Dartainium® Drag

    Oversized Cast Control Knob


    Septon® Handle Grip

    Oversized Clicker Button

    Counter Balanced Handle

    Non-Disengaging Levelwind System

    Crossbar Forward Design

    Metal Series


    Line Retrieve Per Crank (in.)

    Line Capacity (# Test/Yards)

    Max Drag (lbs.)

    Ball Bearings

    Gear Ratio

    Weight (oz)



    12/440, 14/340, 16/285


    3 BB/1 RB





    16/390, 20/300, 25/240


    3 BB/1 RB



    Tekota Feature Details:

    · A-RB® Bearings

    · Stainless steel ball bearings that have been through the A-RB treatment process which makes them at least 10 times more corrosion resistant than standard stainless steel ball bearings.

    · Super Stopper uses a one-way, stainless steel roller bearing that eliminates backplay. This provides the angler with instant hooksetting power.

    · Assist Stopper®

    · This is a back up system to the Super Stopper that consists of the traditional pawl and ratchet. Should the Super Stopper roller bearing slip due to cold weather or over-lubrication, the Assist Stopper kicks in to provide a solid hookset the instant the roller bearing begins to slip. Most of the time the angler will not even know when this feature engages, because by quickly stopping the backwards rotation of the roller bearing, the Assist Stopper greatly reduces the chance of permanent damage to the Super Stopper, allowing it to continue to function as designed.

    · Dartainium® Drag

    · This drag material provides a wider range of drag settings, along with the smoothest Shimano drag performance ever.

    · Oversized Cast Control Knob

    · Comfortable and easy to use.

    · Clicker

    · When engaged, the clicker increases the tension in freespool and activates a clicking alarm to alert you when a fish bites.

    · Septon® handle material

    · This handle grip material is soft to the touch and does not get slippery when wet.

    · Oversized Clicker Button

    · The button is larger and makes it easier to turn on and off.

    · Counter Balanced Handle

    · These single grip handles feature an extended shank with a counter-balancing weight on the opposite end of the grip. This reduces the amount of wobble during high-speed retrieves.

    · Adjustable Handle Shank

    · For deep water situations or for anglers needing more leverage, the handle shank can be extended to increase the amount of power that can be applied to the retrieve.

    · Non-Disengaging Levelwind System

    · On wide-spool reels with a non-disengaging levelwind system, the levelwind remains engaged during the cast allowing the levelwind to track back and forth with the line as it flows off of the spool. This eliminates the drastic line angles caused by a disengaging levelwind system that can cause extreme friction which can lead to short casts or frustrating backlashes. By doing this we have increased the efficiency of the cast, allowing for more distance less effort.

    · Palmable Linecounter with Maintenance Port

    · Comfortably rests between the thumb and forefinger when palming the reel, providing depth readings in feet. The reset button is strategically located for easy, onehanded resets, yet prevents accidental resets. Inserting one drop of lightweight oil into the sealed maintenance port keeps the linecounter performing in top condition.

    · Crossbar Forward Design

    · Allows more access to the spool for better line control, and provides more comfort when palming the reel.

    · Metal Series

    · The metal construction showcased in some of our finest reels now appears throughout our line of Metal Series products. Metal frames not only keep moving parts in precise alignment, they also feature the use of the latest anodizing, plating and painting techniques for beautiful and durable finishes

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    Nice review I could have one just recently but passed it up good price.:sad2: .. How well does it cast compared to an Abu ?

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    ive looked at those reels for a long time and thought they would be perfect for big cats but they are just a little pricey for me, if i could afford to upgrade from the 6500's thats what i would go with... on a ugly stick tiger lite H action it would be a great set up.. but at $200 each (rod and reel) it could break the bank time you got 6 of them.. then again they should last a lifetime if you take care of them so may be a good investment.. very informative post by the way

    Make sure to slime em up real good!

    Where did you find them for $132?
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    Yep the Tekota's are real nice. I have been using them for about 4 seasons now. I have 1 500 4 600's and 1 700. Then again IMHO Shimano is the best real company out there anyways.
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    I got my Tekota 500 today.....I've seen Cheez's in action and John's in action so I know I am going to love mine.....I'm still an ABU fan though.