After my Mom died, I got rid if her old car that died, bad carb and no parts available for it. I had forgot that a fishing rod and reel was in the trunk. I was planning to clean it out but the guy that carried it off got back way before I expected. I ran across a spare spool for it that needs a new home. This is pics of it. I don't recall it ever being used but if it was, it wasn't much. It does have the little push button on top. It seems to work. It comes back out when I take pressure off.

Camera lens Camera accessory Lens Cameras & optics Teleconverter

Camera accessory Camera lens Cameras & optics Tints and shades Teleconverter

Head Camera lens Camera accessory Lens Cameras & optics

I'm happy to give it to a needy person. If someone wants to paypal me to cover shipping when they receive it, that's fine. If the person is low income and not able, that's fine too. The thing above would only allow $1 as the smallest amount. I just hate to throw the spool away when there is most likely someone who could put it to use. Some parts can be hard to come by.

I'm still kinda new here. I assume most is done over private message but still, post here just in case I don't recognize whatever tells me I have a new private message.