Shimano Spheros 14000 and 18000 spinning reels

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    I know alot of guys on here are Abu guys and with good reason,but for you spinning reel guys-you may be interested in this review.I have owned alot of spinning reels in my time and always preferred the old USA made Penn 9500 reels.They were rock solid reels that could reel in 7 to 8ft sharks much less big Cats.But recently I had the chance to check out some big spinning reels and I found one that just shines above everything I have ever fished.The Shimano Spheros 14000 or 18000 reel.
    First off it has completely sealed drag which is the smoothest drag I have ever used hands down.You can get a bail-less manual kit for 24.99 which is a matter of preference I guess.The gears and bearings are steel made for saltwater along with anti corrosion coating on the reel.It has a very comfortable handle and is rock solid.But the biggest plus above all else I found about this reel is it winds braided line on very even and smooth unlike alot of other spinning reels which tend to leave a hump or "u"shape which can lead to braid binding under heavy drag.The line winds on perfectly even-its amazing.I havent been able to catch a biggun on it yet,but I have tested the drag at an easy 40+ lbs
    and I bet it is capable of more.I put 65lb PP on my reels I purchased and am very happy with these reels.I highly recommend them to anyone who is serious about a awesome spinning reel.The prices seem to vary with some as high as 180.00 and some including what I bought on Ebay for under 100.00.I found one for 66.00 at auction.Anyway,I hope this helps someone looking for a badazz spinning reel...Oh,one more will cast a mile on the right rod...awesome spool shape.