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Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by ohio catfisherman, Mar 17, 2008.

  1. ohio catfisherman

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    i am planning on puchasing a new spinnig reel and i was looking toward shimano baitrunner but i recently seen the okuma baitrunner and it has more bearings more line capicity and less money i have heard good things about the shimano but ive never heard anything about okuma if anyone has one of these please let me know if there any good
  2. ozzy

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    Lost Wages
    I have a 4500 baitrunner and its a great reel. I was looking for a smaller baitrunner than a 3500 and shimano didnt have one so I found the okuma which is just as nice. 6 of one or half dozen of the other, take your pick.

  3. CountryHart

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    i have both of these reels and there both good. I do recommend getting one with a rear drag. Personally i think Okuma is a lil smoother.
  4. muzkrat

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    i have not used the okuma spinners but my son had several of their baitcasters and after a season the spool line guide (the part that moves the line back and forth when being reeled back onto the spool) wore out to the point that he removed them. not sure if this is a good report on the quality of their stuff. i would check them out close. good luck
  5. Wabash River Bear

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    I have 4 Okuma Avenger AV80A spinning reels, they arent the baitfeeder models, but Okuma offers the baitfeeder in this same reel. They are smooth 7 bearing reels, absolute rock solid anti-reverse. The best value for the money in my opinion.
  6. mrmarkedwards

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    i have both so which okumas and shimanos which i have an epixor and a coranodo. the epixor has an aluminum frame and rotor so its better built the coranodo is a reinforced graphite frame. both are smooth and less expensive than shimanos. if you go with okuma make sure you get one of their "B" models these have instant anti reverse compared to the "A" models which has 6 points on the anti reverse for the coranodo and 12 points on the epixor.

    shimanos baitrunner "B" models are as close to a tank as you can get for less than 200 dollars. did you know okuma used to make parts for shimano until they wanted more money and they parted ways. if you need to anymore info let me know.
  7. Bacardipr05

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    The Shimano Baitrunners are the tried and true workhorse reels. Some times you can't go by the number of bearings. Its the quality of the bearing and the location of them. I have some reels with 3 or 4 bearings that are smother than models with more bearings. Also the quality of the gearings much more out weigh bearing count. I have heard good things about the Okuma reels in general. I heard some minor complaints on the Okuma secondary( baitrunner) feature not disengaging in the past. However it seems to be that they corrected this problem. Some of the surf guys swear by the Okuma Salina which just came out with a baitrunner feature.
  8. zeboman

    zeboman New Member

    I have OKUMA EPIXOR`S annd I never had any problems with them, they are very smooth reels.
  9. katcatchingfool

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    I have not had the same luck as Wabash i own a Okuma Avenger and it only lasted one season i have a cheaper Quatum reel from Walmart that i let other people use and they are still going strong after 5 years
  10. shania

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    San Leandro, Ca
    Hey Luke Lytle,

    I have The Baitrunner in the "4500" & the "6500", & they are "Hands Down" the best spinning Reels for Cattin' That I have ever used.

    With that being said:
    If you go will the Baitrunner, you "will not be sorry".
    (Turst Me on this one!)
  11. HOPPY4

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    Waldorf MD
    As has been said by others, the Shimano U.S. Baitrunners are TANKS! They have many qualities that will allow them to stand up to Normal and Extra Ordinary usage without question! For the market here in the USA, they have Ruled for the past 20 years! I have the Euro version of the Shimano Baitrunner reels and Love them. If Shimano would market some of these in the USA, many of you would find it HARD not to try them. Now on to Okuma!!! They are well made fishing reels and although some have had problems with them, I have NOT! I do check them more than I did my Shimanos due to these problems that others have had. I am more then Happy with my Okuma reels that I currently fish with and find that they are Great Value for the money spent! The Okuma reels that I have are primarily for Saltwater applications. I do own and use 2 of the Avenger and have found them to be SOLID! It is a matter of Choice in the end. You will need to select and try for yourself.

  12. tbartek

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    New Germany, PA
    I have four okuma epixor baitfeeder's and just bought an avenger baitfeeder for my dad. The epixors have worked flawlessly for me, I would recommend them highly.
  13. smokey869

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    either one would serve you well luke i have an epixer eb65 that is smooth as silk and have had no problems with it, i used to have a 4500 baitrunner and never had trouble with it either (until someone stole it outa the back of the truck) id check price and get what you can afford id also go and look at each before buying one, if i was buying another id buy the okuma eb50 its a bit smaller but would work for anything id think jmo
  14. JAYNC

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    Newport N.C.
    I have 8 shimano baitrunners, 4 4500B and 4 6500B and I wouldn't give them up for anything. I have been using some of them for over 5 years and I have never even put grease or oil in them. One time last year I opened one up to see if it needed any and everything looked good. I have bankfished with these before I had a boat and have dropped them in the sand, but if you take the spool off and look inside there is no sand in there, they are completely sealed. These reels are designed for saltwater fishing so everything is sealed. Dont worry about which one has more bearings, if you ask me the more bearings you have the greater chance of failure. If the bearings are well placed and of the proper quality it will last longer in my opinion. I dont know how many thousands of pounds of catfish I have caught with them over the years but they continue to be great reels for me. I bought some baitcaster set ups last year to try them and they already have problems, I will be putting them aside and buying more baitrunners because they NEVER have problems. If you ask me, for the quality of the baitrunners I wouldn't have a problem paying even more for them. With the baitrunners you get more than you pay for, try one and you'll be another person won over by shimano quality.
  15. orion_xxvx

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    North Central Missouri
    Ive owned shimano and they are a bit pricey for what you get but are well made and will last.
  16. Rockin' Blues

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    st.louis mo.
    James,I had a problem with the line guide also.I was snagged up and while pulling the heck out of it to the side"my fault"the guide broke.I called Okuma and they sent me a new one free shipping and everything.I still like these reels alot for the price.:big_smile:
  17. KC Jayhawk 78

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    Kansas City, Ks
    Ive got 2 - shimano baitrunners 6500 and 2 - Okuma Epixor EB 50's , I caught my pb 45 lb. flathead on the Okuma Epixor EB 50. Its the medium sized reel. I use it for my lake catfishing, and the shimano's for my river catfishing. Both have excellent drags. If I was going to buy another one, I would get another Shimano 6500. Its awesome. I pulled the 25 lb. blue cat in my avatar in last year like it was nothing. Felt like I was fighting a 5 lb. channel cat, and it pulled out drag a few times before I got him in. Its definitely worth the money. If youve got the money get a shimano 6500 baitrunner, if not get a Okuma Epixor EB 80. Either one will haul in any cat you will encounter. :big_smile:
  18. vfourmax

    vfourmax New Member

    I have currently have 2 of the Okuma Exipor ef8o spinning reels which I have had for about a year now and I really like the reels, super smooth, good line capacity and overall a very well built reel that for as far as the money spent for them is concerned you would be hard pressed to find a reel any better for the same cash. Actually I ordered a third one today and the Exipor 80ef's which are the model without the baitfeeder function can be had for the mid 50.00 range.

    Granted there is no doubt the shimano has earned its reputation but the Okuma is a quality reel in its own rights. I can take an Okuma and hang it on a Berkley glow stick or a Shakespear Ugly cat rod, spool it up with Big Game line and have a rig that I have confidence in for just slightly more than $90.00 brand new.

    Call me cheap if you want to but got to save some money somewhere for gas for the boat these days!
  19. peewee williams

    peewee williams New Member

    I have had good service from both brands.Now I also have a couple of Daiwa spinners around 25 years old and still going strong after offshore Kings,Jacks,Spanish to fresh water Catfish and Bluegills.This says it all for them.All were medium priced.I took care of them and they took care of me.

    I love my Okuma Coronado CD90's and Shimano Charter Special 2000 LD for their stainless steel gears and bearings.Now SS gears will never wear in to feel as smooth as Brass gears will,but they will wear & wear & wear.

    If you ain't going to do your part,I would buy the cheap disposable ones,use and discard.I have a middle aged son who will tear up a steel ball with a rubber bat and seems to take pride in such."They don't make a reel that I can't tear up" and I agree that they don't.If nothing else he will sling it out of the back of his tailgate-less pickup for a semi to run over.

    Let us know what you decide and how you like it.We all is a learning too.

    I love you Brothers and Sisters.peewee