Shimano Corvalus fishing reel

Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by jboy434, Oct 3, 2007.

  1. jboy434

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    has anyone used this reel? here is a link

    also, has anyone ever bought a reel from they have some penn,okuma,shimano, and daiwa reels. probably more if you look harder. most of their reels seem to be good price but i dont know much about these reels. i usually use abu reels.

  2. Katfishing Cajun

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    Hey Jeremy, I've never used that reel, but shimano makes some of the finest reels made today. I've used different shimano reels for the past 20+ years. They are getting a little to pricey for me.:sad2: Most are super smooth and with the same amount of ball bearing no other reel compares. But as with all reels, the more ball bearings the bigger the price tag. I personally believe there are other reels that are just as good at the same price. Five years ago I would of told you were crazy for saying that, but it is true today. Of coarse this is just my opinnion. Good luck with what ever reel you choose. Good luck brother!!:cool2:

  3. Big Sam

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    Booneville AR
    I have 3 corvalus 400's. They were donated by one of my sponsor's. I have had them for about a year. They are awsome reels. The clickers are sensitive and the fish run with them like they are free-spooling. I bagged a 40lb. a 38, and a 25lb on them for my big ones of the year. I had no problems with them at all and i spool them with 30lb ande.:tounge_out:
  4. Willowcat

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    I've owned one for two years now and the only thing I've used it for is to show it to my friend. It's still in the box unused. I'm waiting for one of my Corsairs to break down so I can use it. Hasn't happened yet. Maybe I should buy a new rod so I can strap it on.
    Until then I can neither review or discuss an opinion on the Corvalus. All I can say is that because it's a Shimano it's gotta be a good reel...jim