Shimano Corsair CS400

Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by mhbomber, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. mhbomber

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    Has anyone used one of these reels? I have been looking on ebay and found one included with an abu garcia. I have never used a Shimano so any input would be appreciated.
  2. Vekta

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    I have a Corsair. Not the 400 though. I've never heard anything good about the Corsair series. Probably why they were discontinued. Shimano actually has an upgrade program thing going for them AFAIK. They seem to break easy. I havn't used ours enough nor have I caught anything on it. You might want to call Shimano and find out if they're still exchanging Corsair reels for an equivalent model Corvalus. If they are, buy the abu and get a free or low-cost($20 for brass colored ones) upgrade.

  3. reelworks

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    The Corsair is one of their lower end aluminum bodied level wind reels.
    I have a pair of Corvalus 400 sized reels that are similar which have been fine. I don't really consider them heavy duty, but their not bad.
    There were several versions of the Corsair, be aware that some parts are no longer serviced for the first couple editions and repairs can entail changing more than just the broken part to retro fit the reel with newer parts.
    I've had a few second generation reels have the instant antireverse go out.
    The real early ones had multi-stop ratchet type anti reverse and rarely failed. The Instant anti reverse bearing on the later ones is part of the right side cover, some had both a ratchet and roller type AV system.

    They are on par with an Abu 6500 or similar size wise, about 200yds or 20lb mono line. As level winds go, the Shimano reels seem to cast pretty well but they do have a much smaller line guide than do the Abu reels of similar size which no doubt can reduce casting distance somewhat.