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    i have a shimano corsair cs400a but i have never used a casting reel before and i need advice like what is a bait clicker and all that.


    When you cast out leave the reel in freespool and move your baitclicker to the on position,you will be able to hear a loud clicking sound when you pull some line out.This alerts you that a fish is moving off with your bait.Remember to turn the handle before you set the hook.This will put your reel back into gear.If you forget to do this,you,ll have the mother of all backlashes.When the hook is set and your fighting the fish,move the baitckicker switch to the off position,this saves wear and tear on your clicker and also keeps everyone in hearing range from knowing your a new guy.LOL:wink:

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    Great post, Pat! Mike, also make sure the clicker is set to "OFF" before you cast, THEN turn it on. That horrible, high speed clacking noise is another thing that screams "NEW GUY!"

    And just so you know, the bait clicker is good for two other things. 1) It announces to anyone within 50-200 yards (depending on the volume of your clicker) "Hey, there's fish here....come crowd my spot!" 2) It's a great alarm clock for those nights you get a little shut eye while your lines are I've heard.:cool2: Don't let the baitcasters scare you. You WILL have frustrations, but don't give up. You'll learn to love them pretty quickly.

    Some of the Corsairs did have problems. If you have trouble with it, let us know and we can help you out in troubleshooting. In other words, if you really aren't getting the hang of it, the problem may not be all you.:wink: Good luck!!