Shimano Bantam Magnumlite

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    Hey, all,

    I recently acquired my Grandpa's #1 reel, a Shimano Bantam Magnumlite. I'm not sure how old it is, but I'm guessing it was made in the mid-80's. It was his go-to reel while catfishing the small river in his (now our) land, and it's been through a lot. He used it pretty heavily, but didn't abuse it. When he passed away lastyear, Grandma gave me his rod & reel.

    I cleaned it off and lubed it, spooled it up with some fresh line, and (finally) took it out yesterday. It casts like a dream. Usually, especially with low-profile bass-type reels, I can expect at least a few bird's nests the first time out. Didn't happen this time. And it was getting some good distance. Awesome.

    There were a couple problems, though. First, the reel seems pretty loose on it's mount. I thought the reel seat was coming loose on the rod, but it turns out that it's wobbling on the connection between the reel and its mount. That shouldn't be too hard to fix, I suppose, just some tightening.

    The other problem was that there was some wobble in the crank. It feels like it needs a shim, or something in there is just a little loose. It wasn't too bad, but the reel would occasionally lose anti-reverse, which can be frustrating (like when setting the hook...), and there was some slight grinding every now and then.

    I'm wondering if anyone has one of these reels, or knows anything about them. I'd like to get into the guts of the reel and clean it up real good, but I'd like to see what other people have to say about it before I dive in. Can I still get parts if I need to? Thanks for any input you gan give.