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    Shiloh, clear out your messages. I tried to reply to you but your box is too full to accept it.

    This is what I was sending you:

    In a short answer, think hard before you buy a Jeep for towing. I loved my Jeep, but had to get rid of it because of how it would tow. My boat is an 1860 with only a 50 hp. Even at that, the Jeep simply couldn't do it. I'm not saying it was hard for it to tow the boat, I'm saying it COULDN'T! I got it up to 50 mph once, level and straight. It still took the Jeep over 5 miles to get up to that speed. When I first got the Jeep, I had a great deal of trouble finding a hitch for it. I finally found one, but they would not garrantee anything. Seems Jeep lists the tow weight as "0". Not my words, the owners manual says to never tow anything. They may have changed since 1995, but that's what it said for mine. Agreed, it only had a 4 cylinder, but as hard on it as it was, I doubt a 6 cylinder would help enough. They don't make V8's for them anymore. Also, there is the concern that the boat weighed more than the Jeep. Not fun when trying to stop. Sorry if this is not what you wanted to hear.