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    My mom just decided to bring a 10 week old shih tzu puppy home not knowing really high matience they were. I've looked stuff online bout them and it all seems a little over welming. Does anyone know really like the proper way to bathe, groom, take care of the the puppies coat?!?! Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    Clarksville, TN
    here is what I know ....they are a one person dog ,a lap dog,this one we have was suppose to be for my wife but he took to me and now i'm stuck with him till death do-us-part.
    They are for the most part a clean dog .They don shed much at all.we have ours groomed about ever six weeks.Ours love to travel he will sit up front and he know when we get close home and also to the daughters house.
    They train somewhat easy but they will need a lot of attention when training.Start with dog food not table food, once you start with table food then thats it.They learn very fast and can almost read your mind.

    hope this helps some, you will love the dog if he is like ours