She's hooked!

Discussion in 'Channel Catfish' started by Scott Daw, May 30, 2006.

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    Well as a last minute thing I got my wife to go nightfishing for channel cats with me the day before memorial day. She's a bit impatient. So we go to lake Nockamixon and in about 15 minutes the first rod starts screaming since i set the drag real loose so i dont loose the rod. I get up tighten the drag and I loose the fish. not much later the same thing with the other rod but this time I loose the hook. then after another 20 minutes my wifes getting ancy. she's wanting to know how much longer before we go....blah blah blah. I remind her that its not about filling the stringer but the experience that matters most on these excursions past her bedtime. then her rod starts going while she just happens to be holding on to it. and its a large one. she had it on for a few minutes before it took her & the 8 lb test line we were using, thru a weed bed and SNAP!!! this fish it gone. she's angry. and then starts telling me to hurry up and retie/rebait it. maybe it'll come back. it didnt. then some school of fish (wipers??) start coming in and busting baitfish right up infront of us all along the bank. we could see them dart around in 4" of water. I woulda paid $20 for a bucket of fatheads at this point. needless to say we didnt land anything but she's hooked. I cant wait to take her back out. which leads to my next post on our major problem we had.............