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    Cherrywood is about a mile from my house and I've heard it has some nice cat.
    I have done everthing except wade in w/ a club, trying to catch a few.
    Is their an area of the pond where they hang out? or some bait they fancy over others?
    Any help, many thanks!!:wink:
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    Little Rock, AR
    Cherrywood is what is termed a 'family pond', most of which have a bunch of special regulations. Only one rod per person is allowed, a daily limit of 3 cats, etc. It's stocked, because the cats don't reproduce there; it's strictly put and take. It's possible that some of the stocked fish have managed to escape the hooks long enough to get big. There was a really big one caught from one of these family ponds a couple or three years ago. Unless some private individual made an unauthorized stocking, you're only going to find channel cats there. There's no telling what would attract any bigger cats that might be there, but I'd certainly give small bluegills caught in that pond a good try.

    Here's some info about the regs:

    "One significant change is the continued expansion of the AGFC's Family Fishing program.

    This generally includes specified small lakes and ponds in cities. Many of these started out as limited to youth fishing. Then they expanded to include elderly anglers and to include disabled persons.

    In 2008, holders of disabled fishing licenses, along with one current fishing license holder for assistance, are allowed to fish all waters listed under Family Fishing regulations. The disabled person must be actively fishing if the helper is fishing, the regulations state."

    I don't know about Cherrywood, but the ponds I'm familiar with are limited to those 15 and under, 65 and older, and disabled +1.

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    Cherrywood is my home lake. Here lately they've only been stocking it once a month. I caught a nice channel cat there about a month ago-he weighed in at two pounds-on a ten pound test line and a worm. I was fishing off the pier. I've seen a couple caught from the banks there as well. And I checked the regs can run two rods but when I'm fishing there I generally will have one rod running and the second rod is ready to go at a moment's notice.