Sheephead fishing

Discussion in 'Salt Water Fishing' started by tcain24, Dec 16, 2008.

  1. tcain24

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    Lumb., NC
    Anyone sheephead fish? If so where and what kind of bait and tackle do you use?
  2. Techno2000

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    New Orleans,LA
    Yes, you can use a small hook like a #4 with a small slip float,set it for middle deep to start.Bait the hook with a small piece of shrimp, or live baby crawfish (the kind you catch in a small canals) break them in half if to they are too big. Next cast this out, right up against some pylons or some rocks, and hold on.:wink:

  3. Jerry60k

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    Chelyan, West V
    I learned to fish for sheepshead when I lived in Florida about 20 yrs ago.

    A really neat trick is to take a 2x4 with you and scrape the barnacles loose from a pylon chumming the water.I have had excellent results using fiddler crabs and sand-fleas.Biggest was a 10 lber seen a friend catch a 14 lber.
  4. flatheadhunterx

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    South Carolina
    I have never caught but 1 and it was 12 lbs and it was a blast. caught it by accident, caught it on a chunk of blue fish while shark fishing in a inlet river. wish i knew more about catching them cause it was some good fish to eat.
  5. kenlaw76

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    Use fidler crabs or peices of shrimp. Be ready they hit quick and it's over.
  6. FLcatman

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    Yeah definitely pieces of shrimp on small hooks. I've seen most of them caught around docks, especially if it is a bit rocky. As has been said, they are notorious bait-stealers so use some light gear that you can feel everything with.
  7. whitewhiskers

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    Evansville, Ind
    Hi Feller's been down here in the Tampa bay area for awhile tryin to learn how to fish salt water. caught a few sheephead on fiddler crabs close to pilions and around docks, Tasty fish. hung a 4ft snook on a mullit tail the other day he jumped twice and was gone, atleast i got to see him tho. good luck
  8. EZ Duzit

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    Dothan, Al
    Talking bout Sheepshead, These were caught in apalachicola bay under the bridge using abu 5500c3 reel on 7ft. MH rod using live shrimp and fiddler crabs. Man is this some good eatin. I can see ya'll droolin now.:tounge_out:

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  9. badams

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    Those fish you guys are catching dont look like west coast Sheepshead.
    Here they are both sexes . Changing from one to the other at some point in there life. My guess is that they are male when young and smaller. When young they are a pinkish color with a gray saddle. They then change to bright red and dark black saddle. They have very large set of canine teeth (though
    round enough for crushing) in the front of their jaws. They like crustaceans but will also readily hit live or dead squid,anchovies,sardines or various lures. Lead heads with rubber swim tails maybe the favorite but others as well. Kelp forests, on the bottom or close to it works well and one of their haunts. You find them where you'd find calico bass or ling cod and using same fishing techniques basically. They get pretty big but I dont know the current record