Shed hunting!!

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by katcatchingfool, Jan 23, 2009.

  1. katcatchingfool

    katcatchingfool New Member

    I just got home from my first shed hunting trip of the season. Didnt find anything thing but it wasnt from a lack of trying. Over 6 hours of looking and nothing. Thats alright I usually do a little better in the middle of Feb. I will be out looking for them next weekend. Has anybody been finding anything?
  2. Txbluecatman

    Txbluecatman Member

    I have not started looking yet. I will start looking around the first or second week of feburary. I have got 2 bucks that I really want to find there sheds. One is a symetrical 10 point that I guessed would go 155-160 Inches of horn and the other is a 10 point but he has a drop tine on the left antler and a double brow tine on his right side. He might go 130-140. I think both those deer are probably 4-5 year olds.

  3. cumberlandcat

    cumberlandcat Active Member

    I found a big 8 probably 135 140 a couple of weeks ago, I would love to get him with a bow.
  4. Arkansascatman777

    Arkansascatman777 New Member

    This is going to be a crappy weekend, but I know what i'll be doing come Sunday now :0a24:. May be alittle early in this area but I may find some.
  5. fishnfwl

    fishnfwl New Member

    South Cent
    Wow, I would think you would be way late in this area in Feb, but then again I found several sheds today, 1st one was right out back :smile2: 12x 20 it was too!
    Take ya a ride over to the property if ya want, usually find a few in the NW thicket or along the South creek line for some reason, guess they like them areas, but heck most are usually ate up by Feb over that way..... especially with no snow cover.
  6. jctiger

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    Grain Valley Missouri
    Funny,I usually find sheds when Im not
    looking for them.I find a few during Turkey season
    and mushroom hunting here in Missouri in April.
    If I go looking for sheds only I never find one:smile2:
  7. catfisherman369

    catfisherman369 Floyd

    Nashville Il.
    Here in southern illinois the best time to hunt sheds is last week of feb. through march . That way they lost the sheds for sure . If you go now they are just starting to get loose and if you scare a buck with loose sheds he is sure to run off and drop them in different distances . I find quite a few at end of Feb. and early March .
  8. DCcatfisher

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    North Carolina
    I saw a article in a magazine a while back for a shed catcher that looked like it would work reasonably well as long as the deer would eat bait that you poured out on the ground. The idea behind it was to take five fence post and plant them in the ground in a staggered fashion were you would have three in a row at equal distances about 6-8 feet apart, ( I think, its been awhile since I saw it), call this row one. Place the remaining two inline with each other and split the distance between the first and second and second and third post of the first row and about 6-8 feet above the first row, call this row two. Then take some 5 or 6 foot tall woven wire fencing and starting at the first post on row one run it at an angle to the first post on row two, then back to the second post of row one, then back to the second post of row two, and finally end up at the third post on row one and secure it with fencing staples on all the post and trim off any excess that extends beyond the post. You should have something that looks similar to this if you were to look down on top of it from above /\/\ at the ends of the lines would be post and the lines would be fencing. Put the bait (make sure it is legal in your area) back in the "V's" created by the fencing so as the deer bend over to eat they will rake their horns over the fencing. From what I remember of the article the author suggested building the trap prior to deer season so the deer could become used to it but not actually baiting until late into the season or just before the animals begin losing their antlers to help minimize the chances of a deer catching them in the fencing and causing injury or death to themselves. As I previously stated it has been a long time since I read this article and the measurements are not guaranteed to be exactly right so you may want to do some planning and measuring before begining to build this project, it is pretty obvious if the angle of the fencing running between row one and row two isn't steep enough or is to steep this will not work correctly, so check it out before you spend alot of time building something you have to tear down and rebuild, in other words measure twice cut once. Good luck and happy hunting!! (I originally posted this on Feb. 27, 2008 on a similar thread, just thought I would dig it up and throw it out there for everybody. Once again, good luck and happy hunting.)
  9. kat in the hat

    kat in the hat Well-Known Member

    I'm getting the hankering to start looking. Will be squirrel hunting in Feb., so that's when I'll be keeping an eye out. I'm like others...If I'm looking for them, I won't find any...If I'm not looking for them, I will.
  10. BassCat

    BassCat New Member

    Im going this weekend, I normally find most of mine around the begining of turkey seaseon here in NC, but normally find a few between now and then.
  11. ohio hilljack

    ohio hilljack New Member

    found a set off a eight and a single off a eight last Saturday. Found all in a staging area right next to a old corn field.
  12. dougc

    dougc Active Member

    I've been getting the itch, but I'm still seeing plenty of bucks with full headgear. Probably a little early in these parts.
  13. stump jumper

    stump jumper New Member

    found two singles off of two diffrent eights in my rack traps last week. last year i seen two big ten pointers the first week of may still sportin their racks my traps did best the first week of march i collected 18 horns but with illinois laws saying we cant put any food out for deer for any reason
    (cronnic waste a.k.a. mad deer ) had to go to a mineral lick approach it probably wont to as good as crack corn:wink: