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Discussion in 'Hunting Dogs Talk' started by Bullseye017, Aug 9, 2006.

  1. Bullseye017

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    I have recently read a few different articles about teaching your dogs to shed hunt but they really dont tell you how. I have a 1 yr old chocolate lab that I have tried to teach to find sheds but she gets preoccupied easily. she does love to chew on a deer antler though. I was wondering if anyone as a dog that they taught to hunt shed antlers and how did you teach your dog to do it.
  2. Blue Duck

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    I taught my yellow lab to hunt sheds. After he was trained to retrieve and hunt upland birds, it was an easy transition. Part of my upland training program included hiding a half dozen or so wings through out a field and then running the dog back through the field to find them. After he was good at that I did the same thing with sheds. Just start out with retrieving sheds and then plant them and have him go find them. Easy and fun.