She sits on a rock

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    She sits on a rock in the warm summer breeze
    she stares at the wings lying there on her knees.
    And dreams of a time where pain is no more,
    and wishes that she was at Heaven's front door.

    Where mommies don't yell, and daddies don't hit
    for hunger and anger are her living hell.
    Neglect and abuse are all that she knows.
    She wipes up a tear and wiggles her toes.

    "Will someone please help me?" her saddened
    heart cries,
    as she brushes a tear from her watering eyes.
    She looks at the wings lying there on her lap
    and wishes for peace, a long quiet nap.

    To you, little child, I humbly pledge,
    to help build a bridge and walk a fine edge.
    To show up your plight and give you a hand,
    and help make you safe as God really planned.

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    Very nice! I like it Ace.

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    We have no real idea how many such childen are abused in some form one way or another byt we know for sure it exists and it's a cancer on our country.God bless you for reminding me about these tragic events that go on in our world.You a really good Ace and a man I'm proud to talk with on this board.Walk in peace brother----------------pk:smile2:
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    I Feel Terrible & Sad For Any Child That Is/Has Suffered Abuse.

    I Have A Special Rope For The Abusers, It Has A Nice Loop In The End Of It :eek:oooh: & Since It's Reuseable It Saves The Taxpayers Money:wink: