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Shawn's Birthday Story

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Original post made by Shawn Dostie(Loanwizard) on June 14, 2005

Today is a special day for me and I'd like to share it with you, my brothers and sisters of the Brotherhood of Catfisherpeople. On this day in 1966 I was born in Columbus Ohio. My grandparents had a retirement cottage located at Wills Creek in Muskingum County Ohio. I learned to fish at about 3-4 years of age. I have found that I have an obsessive personality and was one of those kids that always begged for "one more cast". I always stayed on the pontoon at the dock long after everyone else had left (probably 30-45 minutes but hey, I was a kid) fishing for bluegill. Long after I was asleep my Dad would come back up the hill with his catch and I would "help" him clean them in the morning. My Grandfather would teach me how to tie my hook to the line. We didn't know that it was called a Trilene knot, that's just the way my Grandpa did it so it was gospel. I got up one morning and went to the bathroom and boy was I scared! There in the bathtub thrashed a twenty pound Blue Cat. I can't imagine what my Grandmother thought about that. Actually, it was probably her idea. I will never forget the time when we finally went out in Grandpa's 14 foot aluminum deep V with him and my father where they were finally ready to teach me how to catch the revered Catfish. I was rigged up with all the chicken liver we would need for a month, and as I recall, I got all the runs and they had none. However, I couldn't get one hooked. Finally, my Grandfather grabbed my line and started hauling it in hand over hand while yelling "reel boy, reel" and I at long last landed my first catfish. As I got older I got a 9 foot jon boat that I would strap to the top of my 1979 Chevy Chevette and head for the Beverly Lock on the Muskingum River on Friday morning after working the night shift and fish all weekend til Sunday night when it was back to work. They called me lucky because I could catch Catfish when nobody else was. The upshot of it is, that I thought I was pretty hot stuff when it came to Catfishing. However, I would always see these pictures of huge catfish hanging on the walls of the baitstores and vowed to one of these days get me one O'them thar bigguns! Well, I got married, got a "real" joob with lots of hours and basically became a once to three times a year fisherman consisting of walleye or smallmouth charters. In January of 2005, I was looking on the net because there was 12" or so of the white stuff on the ground, was looking up carolina rigging and discovered the Brotherhood of Catfisherman. I saw some posts on chicken liver, and fishing for dam channels and thought, I can help these guys out. Help these guys out?! Heck, I found out I didn't know diddly about catfishing, especially for the prized Big Ones! Through many hours of reading and posting my own questions about the how's, where's, and whyfore's, I learned again, just as I had forgotten, why I love people that fish, and fishing.I also discovered "LIVE BAIT"! What a concept! I am ever so grateful to the men and women who shared their knowlege, tips, hotspots, etc... This year, before June 1st, I have caught not one, but my three personal best Catfish. I caught a 12lb Channel one week, a 20lb Shovelhead 7 days later, and a 32 lb Shovelhead 10 days after that. I am eternally grateful for what the BOC has done for me, what it has meant to me, and for the friends and comraderie I have found here. We are here for but a fleeting moment in time, but what an impact you guys and gals have had on me. Thank you ever so much for allowing me a forum to voice these thoughts.

Shawn Dostie
Coshocton, Ohio
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