Sharron Harris Lake

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    Has anybody know what kinds of cats are in there and if there is any size to them?
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    Holly Springs, NC
    You will probably get a lot of different answers on this one but here is my experience over the last 16 years. The types in the lake are White catfish, Channel Catfish and Brown Bullheads. I fish almost exclusively with live baits and catch Channel cats that average 5-7 pounds with 8-12 pounders not uncommon. Our two biggest from there were 16 and 18 pounds.

    The Channels in that lake like white bread for some reason as well. Weirdest thing. Mash up a slice and form it over a 5-6/0 hook.

    Seems to be more channels than the others, bullheads next and whites last.

    Some folks say there are/were flatheads but they must all have been caught. I never had one on or even what I thought was one and I fish from one end to the other and all depths, all seasons.

    Bream are the bait of choice in that lake, even over shad.

    Good Luck.......:cool2: