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    the shark fishing has been outrageuos!!!!!!!!!! non-stop hook ups. averager 4-6ft blacktips. 2-4 ft sharpnose. i hooked into a 9ft shark right off Tybee. dont know what type only saw him 2 or 3 time and had to cut my line he was spoolin a penn with 60lb test no matter what i did to try and slow him down
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    Glad to hear that the fishing is going good for you that shark fishing sounds like a fun time, I would say they put up a good fight I would hate put my hand in ones mouth though.

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    Whatcha think you could catch with either Hillary, McCain or Obama for bait?
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    i dont if id fish for somthing that would hunt me
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    Could you tell us a little about your technique?

    Are you fishing offshore or nearshore?

    Are you doing any chumming or chasing shrimp boats?

    Thanks in advance and good luck out there!
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    Probably a toilet seat. :smile2::smile2::smile2:
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    Crabs! I don't know though, sharks are pretty indiscriminate about what they eat.
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    For those who don't already know.

    25 years ago I lived on and fished Tybee for 7 years.Believe me.There are some very good eating fish in those waters.Those trashy sharks are a pain,but nothing like they were in the past.Often you could not fish for anything else for them.I do not fish for shark and big fish personally.I did take guest and kids for such and had some gear.

    The North Beach near the North Jetty use to be the best fishing year round as a rule.Red fish can school there in October.Big Stag Bass are not uncommon.The rough rock Jetty is DANGEROUS to fish off of due to being slick and shell.People have been severely injured fishing off of it.If you fall off the up tide side,the current can hold you in the rocks until you drown.A experienced Diver told me he almost drowned there like this.It held him until he almost ran out of air and drowned.Do not wade close to them for this reason.The holes in the sand can appear and disappear alongside them with the tides and wind.

    For Shark I found a Penn Long beach 68 was about the minimum for surf or pier.A Penn 117 or 118 Senator is far better.Best of all is a boat to follow them with.Bull sharks along with big Blue Cats can be caught at the Highway 17 bridge in Port wentworth,Ga.upriver.They use to have a small dock to fish off of and Porter Potty rest room there with parking.Low Tide for the Big Blues.

    You can also park at Lazaretta boat ramp and walk across the highway to the shell bank you will see at the mouth of the creek.Shark,Huge Drum,Red fish to Croaker and trout.You name it here and it has been caught.Fish for Croaker with a small rig.Use the Croaker of all sizes for live bait.The same with taking a Crab line.Catch and break the back off of a crab and use the half to whole for bait for Drum and Red fish.Drum and Red fish will take live Crabs.Run the hook in the back swimmer and back out the rear.The saltwater minnows or Polliwogs are great bait for Flounder and Trout.

    The old Coast Guard Dock use to be open for fishing near the Lazaretta boat ramp.The ramp itself is great night fishing.Just respect and do not interfere with the boaters.It is also a great place to put in a small car topper boat and anchor close for good fishing.You don't even need a motor for this.

    I hope some of this can be of help.

    I love you Brothers and Sisters.peewee

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    blacktip. man. wish i was so lucky. i love black fillets & steaks. i get em frozen from krogers. i can only immagine fresh ones. the taste must be exquisite. glad ya are having good luck.:wink:
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    Small sharks are all over the place here in NE Florida as well. Been catching lots of 3 and 4 footers from the kayak. Catching 5 to 10 of them in a half day trip. i have to carry a cooler to keep any trout, flounder or redfish in. if you hang a stringer over the side the sharks will get it...Plus there are some BIG bullsharks and also the occasional tiger or hammerhead. You do not want one of those bad boys cruising around you looking for a meal..